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What is Brybe, and how does it work?

Brybe is a Freelance Marketplace that connects Buyers with Freelancers and Influencers and enables them to build successful, long-lasting partnerships. If you're a Buyer, you can find and hire skilled Freelancers who can help you achieve your professional goals. On the other hand, Brybe also offers numerous Influencers, creators, and bloggers who will promote your brand's products or services. If you're a Freelancer or Influencer, you can sell your services and make a personal brand here at our Freelance Marketplace."

What makes Brybe stand out from other Freelance Marketplaces?

Brybe is the only digital marketplace where Buyers can hire professional Freelancers with multiple talents and find top-rated Influencers, both of which can help you achieve your goals. We unify the entire process. Instead of you going from one platform to another trying to find the most suitable creators or talents for your business, we save you time, money, and resources by offering you all of them in our Freelance Marketplace.

What's the difference between Freelancers and Influencers on Brybe?

Freelancers are professional workers who are skillful enough to work for you on a contract-based agreement. Influencers are individuals who can promote your brand's products and services on their social media accounts, create unique content, and help you reach your marketing goals.

What criteria Freelancers and Influencers need to meet to work via Brybe Freelance Marketplace?

Anyone can become a Freelancer or Influencer on Brybe. Even if you're new at freelancing, if you're confident that you have the necessary skills, feel free to create your account and start applying to offers. For the Influencers, it's not imperative to have a certain number of followers to use our platform, as we have all types of Influencers here at Brybe — nano, micro, and macro-influencers. However, be mindful of the fact that brands usually choose Influencers with a bigger audience.

How to choose the right Freelancer or Influencer as a Buyer?

It depends on the type of talent you're looking for. If you're looking for Freelancers, it's important to look for relevant previous experience, necessary skills to complete the job, or profile reviews from past job experiences. If you're looking for Influencers, you should check their social media accounts, check out the number of followers, the niche they're working in, how they interact with their followers, etc. With the choice of skilled Freelancers and Influencers we offer at our Freelance Marketplace, the right ones for your business are only a few clicks away.

What Freelancers and Influencers need to consider before accepting an offer from a Buyer?

If you're a Freelancer, before accepting any offer, consider the deadline for the delivery of the task. If you're a creator who works with multiple Buyers, consider the amount of time it takes for you to finish the current tasks before accepting new offers. The same applies to talents as well. Also, be mindful of Buyers who want to communicate with you outside our Freelance Marketplace, ask for your personal information, or want to pay you via other payment methods than the ones we support. Violation of these rules may get your profile partially or completely banned from our platform.

What are Offers?

Offers are the deals between the Buyer and the Freelancer/Influencer. There are multiple types of Offers on our Freelance Marketplace: Packaged Offers, Custom Offer, and Buyer Request/Influencer offer. Packaged Offers are the services offered by the Influencer or the Freelancer. Custom Offers are services that may be added to an existing deal, usually added on Buyer's request.

What are the benefits of using Brybe Freelance Marketplace?

We follow three principles: freedom, guarantee, and security. We want anyone, regardless if you're Buyer, Influencer, or Freelancers, to be able to make the most out of the deal. We make sure you what you agreed upon for Buyers, or we give you your money back. For Freelancers and Influencers, we make sure each one of you gets paid on time for the part of the work you've done.

Which payment methods are available on Brybe Freelance Marketplace?

At the moment, all of the money transactions on our platform are done via Stripe and PayPal. You're free to use Bank Cards if you want to deposit or withdraw funds in your balance.

How secure are the deals done through Brybe?

We don't use any contracts or agreements on Brybe. If you're registered on our platform and have accepted Brybe's terms and conditions, you already fill in the criteria to make deals on Brybe.