About Brybe

Brybe – the idea behind it is quite simple. We created a network that is a solution for better execution of influencer marketing strategies. All brands that want to promote their products through social media channels and that wish to reach the target audience with high-level performance and minimum expenses are welcomed here. On the other hand, Brybe is also a great tool for creative and talented influencers who can meet the most interesting brands over here – the companies that are ready to pay for the top-quality promotion through social media channels.

We’ve improved this platform in a way to provide the best possible user experience and to help you to get what you really came here for.

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A world of opportunities

As a Brand, you can easily find the right influencers using our search system, which allows you to rate them based on the number of followers, category, their level of engagement, geography, size of their audience, price, services and others. Or you can just make your own request of what you want to be done and start getting offers from hundreds of the world's top-rated influencers right away.

As an Influencer, you decide what promotion you want to do – just create a Packaged Brybe for every social media you use and set up your own prices for each one of them. Find the brands you’d like to work with and see what requests they have.