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How To Become A Freelancer - FAQ

What does it mean to be a freelancer?

A freelancer is an independent, self-employed person who offers services for companies and individuals. The freelancer can work for one or multiple companies, depending on the amount of work, the freelancer's capacity, and the time necessary to do the work. Brybe offers you multiple industry choices to begin and scale your freelance career. Although the IT industry and the digital marketing industry are the most popular industries for freelance work, you can find various opportunities to do freelance work on our platform, all in different industries.

Why should you consider freelancing with Brybe?

Freelancing with Brybe is an excellent way to build an independent career. You can work from anywhere in the world where there's an Internet connection. You are your own boss - you organize your work, plan your day and find the clients you want to work with. With Brybe as your go-to freelance platform, you have complete liberty over your lifestyle, as long as you complete your tasks.

Do freelancers need to register as a business entity?

It depends on the amount of money you earn. In most countries, there's a limit by law to how much an individual can earn on a yearly basis. If you're earning more than the allowed amount by law, you need to register as a business so that you can fulfill your legal obligations. We advise you to talk with an accountant if you're considering freelancing as your main source of income.

How are freelancers paid?

The payment agreement of a freelance contract depends on multiple factors. Typically, many freelancers charge per project. Many of them also charge by the hour. The price you're setting depends on your expertise, knowledge, skills, so take all of these factors into account when naming a price for a project.

Which payment methods are used to pay for your work?

With Brybe, you can get paid via your Bank Account, Bank Cards, or PayPal. We advise you to do your detailed research on these payment methods and find the one that suits you the best in terms of fast service, fees, etc.

How does Brybe guarantee your payment?

Brybe provides payment protection for every freelancer. As part of our company's policy, it's our goal to protect our freelancers from being deprived of their right to payment. We provide a 100% guarantee payment for your work. This way, we make sure that all of our freelancers are paid and free to choose the work they want to do.

How to become a freelancer on

It's super easy to become a freelancer on! The sign-up is free for anyone - you are welcome to create an account and start building your freelancing profile right away. Once you register as a freelancer, you need to add information to your profile - basic personal information, working experience, education, service you provide, and price. Create a profile where you can show the companies how they can benefit from working with you and how your services can help brands achieve their goals.

How to introduce yourself to the companies?

Once you have your profile filled in completely, you can start applying to jobs. If you're new to freelancing, our advice is to apply for jobs with low competition - so that you can increase your chances of being picked for the job.

What is a Package Brybe?

If you're a freelancer who is skilled in multiple areas, Package Brybe is for you. Package Brybe is used for freelancers who can pack their services and offer them as a full package. By doing this, you're providing more value for the brand as a freelancer, and you can set a higher price that corresponds with all the services.