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4 Cost-Effective Branding Strategies For Your Small Business

"I'll create a branding strategy - when I start to expand!"

You've heard this sentence before? A small business owner often makes this mistake. 

And while you think you're expanding fast by trying to sell at all costs, ignoring to create effective branding strategies can cause you a lot of headaches in the future. 

You may have the best product in your hands, but without a branding strategy, no one will hear about your A-list offers, especially not real prospective customers.

Since 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, a creative branding strategy is a must, so here are four types of branding strategies that will boost your small business. 

First Impressions Create Connection

Let's say you provide a similar service to Amazon. Your business is small, and you're new in the niche.

Why would a customer pick you over such a powerful brand? 

The biggest challenge this situation creates is standing out from your competition, and when a customer sees your name, it looks a lot less attractive to them. 

The answer is simple - change the customer's perception. That's why the first impression creates a powerful connection, and you need to surprise your prospects positively. Usually, people need up to 7 impressions to recognize your brand, so make the best out of these aspects:

  • Brand name - Keep it simple yet catchy since it has to catch people's attention. Sites like Brandnic will help you in a great manner. 
  • Brand voice - Every brand has its voice, and it's not so much about what you are selling; it's about creating a funny and engaging voice that is recognizable. Everyone knows about Coca-Cola's Santa Claus, right? You get the point.
  • Brand logo - Your brand logo is the first thing a prospect sees, so it must be interesting. You should put it on all your products, social media profiles, sites, etc. You can hire some of our talented logo designers - they've received over ten positive reviews for their original work! 

Once you focus on these aspects, you will be able to create a corporate branding strategy that will differentiate you from your competition.

Specify Your Real Brand Identity

A creative branding strategy isn't just a beautiful logo and an attractive name. It's also about the core of your goals, mission, values, and how you treat people who take the time to explore your products.

So you have to ask yourself, what is your authentic brand identity?

Deep down, what holds your small business?

According to a TechJury study, 89 percent of customers remain loyal if the brand shares the same values. Therefore, the questions you have to ask yourself if you want to connect profoundly with your potential customers include the following ones:

  • What is my mission? - Create a precise definition of what your small business mission is about what you are trying to achieve for you and your customers.
  • Who are my customers? - There is no point in selling something if you don't know who you are selling it to! You have to define your target market and act accordingly. Of course, in the beginning, you want to get your business out in the open as much as possible, but after a while, you must create a buyer persona.
  • What makes my business different? - As mentioned above, you have to stand out from your competition, so you should patiently and in detail analyze what can make you unique as a small business owner. Don't copy others; create an authentic product branding strategy. 

Take Your Social Media Profiles A Step Further 

As a small business owner, you have to make the best results with minimum expenses. And one effective field that allows you to do so is using social media platforms. 

Believe it or not, more than 1 billion people use Instagram, and you have to promote your brand on every possible social media platform. Creating a profile for your small business on Instagram or TikTok is easy, and you can implement different branding elements and strategies for each social media platform. 

But since hundreds of top-rated businesses also use these platforms, you as a small business owner don't stand a chance in such a vast competition.

So, what should your internal branding strategy be?

One effective solution is to hire influencers that can help your brand find its place in the global market. And since you are a small business owner that doesn't have a lot of money to spend, nano influencers are the perfect solution for your brand promotion. A nano influencer charges from 10 to 100 dollars but has up to 10,000 followers. Therefore, you get an excellent branding strategy solution for a small amount of money. 

Create A Professional and Mobile-Friendly Site 

It is impossible to have a small business in today's world without a professional website since everyone is online. And don't worry, professional doesn't mean expensive.

You can use a company like Bluehost, which provides hosting services since their support team will help you find the best domain name that fits your business, and you can use robust features from WordPress templates. Having a site shows credibility, promotes your services and products, and, more importantly, it's affordable. 

And even though having a site is the perfect branding strategy, it's not enough. But having a mobile-friendly site, now that's a whole other story! 

In 2021, there were 6.37 billion smartphone users in the world, which shows that most people use their phones to buy something. Your brand will get more attention if your mobile-friendly site has matching colors, interesting design, and easily accessible features. 

Don't forget that most people leave a site in seconds. If they don't find what they need, they'll leave your small business site even faster if it's not mobile-friendly. 

Last but not least, your site must have high-quality content that fits both your products and ranks high on search engines. So if you need top-rated digital marketing freelancers to help you with your different branding strategies, visit our website and start improving your small business!