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6 Tips That’ll Help You Better Promote Yourself As A New Freelancer

In our latest blog post, we talked about the future of freelance work and how it can become the biggest part of the world’s economy. That might sound a bit scary to the newbies in the freelance world and that’s why we decided to help you a bit.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to share with you a few tips on how to present yourself as a new freelancer to the Buyers. The editors at Brybe Marketplace have tons of experience working with, collaborating, hiring, and getting to know freelancers on our platform, so we can help you boost your confidence, even though you’re new at freelancing. 

Let’s start with tip #1.

#1 Stick To What You Know 

First, congratulations! To become part of the 1.1 billion freelancers in the world is perhaps one of the smartest decisions you can make regarding your professional development. 

Now comes the hard part - how to start doing this? 

Stay in your lane - that’s the best advice you can receive as a new freelancer. 

For example, Google Ads marketing is your thing? Start by offering this and this service only. 

You know everything about content marketing - from start to finish? Go with that. 

Coding is your thing - especially JavaScript? That’s fine but they sell that service only.

You’ve been a project manager and SCRUM master for years? Great, use that as your only skill.

It’s like the saying goes - it’s better to be excellent at one thing, than average at a hundred others. 

It is not the best business move to play all that Jack-of-all-Trades role just to attract Buyers - when you can’t deliver, who you gonna call?  By selling only the services you’re an absolute master in, not only will you increase your credibility as a freelancer, but it will boost your confidence too and will put you in a better negotiation position. 

#2 Provide a Proof Of Your Experience & Skills 

This one might be a little tricky as not everyone has the option or the opportunity to prove their skills or knowledge. How can an HR manager or cyber-security specialist prove its expertise, right? Data analysts also have a hard time proving their knowledge. For these and similar industries, the test before the job is the most important part where you will get the chance to prove your knowledge as a freelancer. 

But, there are many industries where you can build your online portfolio and prove yourself as a professional freelancer.

Let’s say you’re a copywriter looking to work remotely, you can launch your own blog. You don’t even have to buy a domain name if you don’t want to. You can write articles on a topic of your interest or your preferred niche and post them on Most clients are perfectly okay with any type of linked content - you can even send your articles in a Google docs format. However, you would give off a much more professional vibe if you publish them and send the links - just a small pro-tip from the Buyers at our Brybe Marketplace

data scientist home office

If you’re a developer, you can create your GitHub portfolio and build your projects there, which you can, later on, send to the Buyers you want to collaborate with. 

Remember, if you have the chance, get creative with your portfolio. Find a way to present your skills, so that Buyers know instantly what they can expect from you as a freelancer. 

#3 Update Your Social Media Profiles 

This depends on the type of industry you’re working in and the type of job you’re looking for, but it might be a bit of help in your search for a remote job. Plus, your account at our Brybe Marketplace enables you to link your social media accounts so that you can present yourself the best way possible to the Buyers.

For example, Instagram. Do you know how popular are hashtags on Instagram? The average post on Instagram has around 10 hashtags! You can use hashtags on your images. This way you’re making it easier for everyone to discover your profile and find out more about you. Or you can write your job title under a hashtag in the bio - an even better way to present yourself and your work on social media. 

Or LinkedIn. Updating your LinkedIn profile with a professional image, your recent working experience can significantly increase your credibility and give you closer to building your freelance career. 

However, the most relevant experience is the one you present on the platforms you choose to search for Buyers and potential clients, like Brybe Marketplace. In the end, this is the place where Buyers will find you, so make sure to present the best version of yourself in the written copy. 

#4 Be Open To Do (Some) Free Work 

Just for the record - we don’t say that you should always be underpaid for your work. Exploitation is not something we support nor approve. 

However, as you’re new in the industry, you need to keep an open mind. You can run into all types of Buyers and clients and you need to be prepared for how you want to present yourself to them. Staying open to the idea of doing some work for free can get you far further than closing offers at the mention of unpaid work. Just keep an open mind, ask questions about the job and if you don’t feel comfortable with the offer, deny it.

typical freelancer

But if you’re getting a good vibe from the Buyers, you feel like the job is exactly what you’re looking for and you can get to some agreement with the Buyer, be sure that you won’t regret doing the work, even though it’s free. 

#5 Ask For Referrals From Previous Clients/Managers 

This is a pro tip: if you have previous clients with whom you have worked, ask them for testimonials or referrals. They can write the recommendation, you can put it on your profile, and link to their website or other profile on social media, to make it look more credible. 

If your previous managers are open to this idea, you can ask them too. 

Whatever positive feedback can get you closer to your desired Buyers and clients. 

#6 Stay Professional in All Of Your Encounters With Buyers 

Last but not least: always, always stay professional while communicating with Buyers. You need to keep a reputation of being a pro at what you do and knowing how to talk with clients is considered one of the top skills that you can acquire as a freelancer. Have in mind that you’re trying to build long-lasting relationships with your clients and easy and clear communication is the road that’ll get you there. 

And that’s it from us! 

Remember, Brybe Marketplace is always here to help you not only make more money but also to become a better version of yourself as a freelancer, so make sure to follow our tips!