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Barter Cooperation: Pros and Cons

Barter cooperation is quite a controversial topic in influencer marketing. Some influencers admit that they don't mind, while others categorically refuse and call it "work for socks". Can advertisers still offer barter cooperation at this time of boom in the blogosphere? What are its pros and cons? Today let’s discuss the financial side of this influencer marketing mechanism!

Although in the beginning bartering was the most common form of cooperation (which was basically mainly based on it), today many influencers do not even react to emails with such a proposal. The authors make it clear that they are not interested in their work in exchange for products or samples – they consider it unprofessional and even offensive. After all, blogging and working in social media is hard work, and every professional in his/her profession should be rewarded for his/her efforts. Anyway, when thinking about serious activity in the blogosphere, you should value your professionalism. On the other hand, there are situations where it is worthwhile to engage in free activities. But let's start from the beginning and explain: what is barter?

Barter cooperation – what is it?

Barter is a cashless transaction of goods or services in exchange for others. Parties undertaking this type of trade agreement make a deal on its value and strive to make both sides happy with it. Interestingly, it was the first economic way in societies that did not know money yet – barter was used in ancient Rome, among others.

What is barter cooperation in influencer marketing like? The form of remuneration for the campaign with the influencer is not money, but company products. Barter assumes the exchange of goods (brand) for promotional services (influencer), and although many authors have a negative opinion about it, in some situations it is worth undertaking such cooperation. Much depends on the position of the author and the brand in the market; barter can be called in a way "symbiotic action" because of both the brand and the influencer benefit from it.

How can barter cooperation with an influencer look like? Usually, such actions are not too complicated – they are based on a simple exchange principle. The brand offers the influencer the use of its products or services, the author tests, and then gives an account with the area of his social media activity. The function of remuneration is to use the product or service in return for a specific time of its promotion. The brand gains renown from a popular author, and the influencer can test the new products or use a unique service. Does such cooperation pay off and when can it be started?

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Barter for the influencer. What brands are taking up such cooperation?

When does a barter make sense? From a brand's point of view, it is good for young, poorly known companies that are just entering the market and would like to show themselves. It is known that at the beginning of their operation in the industry, they have cut budgets for marketing and promotion, and it is quite hard to stand out from the competition. That's why they offer barter cooperation to their influencers – most often they are interested in either an information entry or a product review. For their part, they can offer to send products or make an appointment for a specific date and place of service. Influencer, on the other hand, tests, and in return keeps the item for himself/herself.

It is not only young, unknown brands that barter – the situation is similar for beginner Influencers, especially if they want to run a campaign at home for the first time. From the agency or brand's point of view, this is a plus at the start: thanks to such actions, authors build good relations and act in terms of image. There is always a risk of unsatisfactory cooperation or even non-performance of one's part of the contract on the part of the influencer – so it is a form of checking whether the person is trustworthy and reliable. If everything is well planned, barter can be a good start to the campaign and look good in your portfolio.

On the other hand, using this way of the settling of accounts is really hard to balance and nothing is as fair as good old cash. That is why here, on, we stick to cash settlements, and hopefully, you do not mind us for doing that. After all, you can always buy yourself this dream equipment or piece of clothing with the money made on one of our marketing campaigns, right?