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Brybe - The First Freelancer & Influencer Marketplace in The MetaVerse

The hype about the MetaVerse is increasing by the minute. Entrepreneurs, tech-enthusiasts, and business owners are excited to see how Zuckerberg’s latest project will develop. 

We as a company connect Freelancers, Influencers, and Buyers from all over the world. We create opportunities for our users to build successful businesses together. It was a smooth transition for our project to be launched in the MetaVerse, as that’s the place to build lasting partnerships.

Brybe, Inc announced today that it’s working its way into the MetaVerse and plans to be the first-ever Freelancer / Influencer marketplace in the MetaVerse.

Our CEO Igor Fedekoff gave the following statement: 

We’re excited to join the MetaVerse. I knew it would benefit us greatly to create our space in the MetaVerse. We want to give multiple options for our users, and the MetaVerse allows us to do so. We’ve hired a team of over 10 VR developers to create the Virtual Marketplace for us. 

Freelancers will be able to meet with business owners and discuss ideas, work with each other on getting the project done and getting paid. We're also creating the first-ever influencer brand exposure house where influencers will promote the brand's products in the Meta. The influencer's avatars will walk around in the brand's clothes, shoes, or using any of their products while interacting with other people.

It will be a game-changer and an example to all the other companies as we're about to change the way of marketplace communication and make an easier and more efficient way to work together. My background is in Virtual Reality, and we can create a whole new world.

Our Brybe team is definitely on to something original and valuable with their business move.

We're setting the standards relatively high, and we're eager to see if the other companies will follow this trend.