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Brybe Marketplace Has 100,000 Registered Users!

We’ve reached a milestone - officially has more than 100K users! 

Yes, this week we celebrate the fact that over 100,000 users have decided to trust our service, we couldn’t be happier and we are just getting started! 

What began as an influencer marketing platform has now become a Marketplace for all digital creators like Freelancers, Influencers, and Buyers, all searching to find the right match and build successful and profitable relationships. 

Brybe Marketplace with its uniquе business model has quickly become the place where business owners can find super talented professionals and creators. With their help, every CEO, manager, or business owner can quickly reach its business goals. 

We started as a platform that was specifically designed for small business owners who couldn’t always afford to pay the high price for hiring skilled professionals. The initial idea was to connect the Buyers (that’s how we call the business owner and clients at Brybe) and Influencers. Influencers from all over the world can visit our website, offer multiple Offers (different service packages), and help Buyers run beautiful and impactful social media campaigns. Buyers can create their profiles and create Buyer’s Requests, which are job offers. 

As there aren’t that many platforms for Influencers, the number of registered Influencers, Bloggers, and Creators grew exponentially! 

And we didn’t stop there! 

We decided to add a new group of users to our platform - Freelancers. Due to Covid, the entire work paradigm has shifted and not only regular teams went remote, but millions of independent professionals turned to online marketplaces offering their unique skills. Now, Freelancers from all over the world, in multiple industries and over 340 categories of skills, and with versatile experience can use Brybe to make the freelance career of their dreams. 

The best part is that all of them get to keep 100% of what they make, Brybe does not charge platform fees to Freelancers or Influencers! 

Since we added the Freelancers’ category, Brybe has rebranded itself into Brybe Marketplace - the place where Buyers can find Freelancers to help them build an excellent product, and Influencer to help them promote that same product.

Not bad for a company that was launched just two years ago! 

Cheers to many more registers and happy users!