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Brybe's Case Studies: Clean & Clear

Third article from Brybe's case studies series. In today's blog, we take a closer look at Clean & Clear – the company that managed to drive brand awareness and ad recall amongst teens on TikTok for new limited-edition bottles in India.

The Situation

When you are trying to release a new product – or, as it was in the Clean & Clear's situation – a product with a new twist, you need a fresh way to advertise it and make it as standing out as possible to your clientele. With the debut of "My Swag" limited edition face wash in India, Clean & Clear wanted to increase both their brand and producer awareness among female teens across India. To do that, the company decided to invite them all to engage with the brand by showcasing their diverse personalities – yet again with the use of TikTok, which seemed to be just perfect to reach such a group of consumers.

And How Did They Do That?

The company has decided to launch a hashtag challenge called #UnbottleApnaSwag that has featured 5 bottle packaging styles corresponding to 5 different personality types: Fun, Carefree (Bindaas), Studious (Padhaku), Talkative (Bakbak), and Foodie. All the girls using Clean & Clear products were invited to identify with a chosen personality type and showcase their unique content online with the use of TikTok.

Clean & Clear did not stop there, though, as the company still had to somewhat personalize the 5 created personalities from "My Swag" bottles – and so they did by releasing 5 rap songs and by enlisting 5 top female influencers (each one of them had 1+ million followers on TikTok and huge popularity in India) to spearhead the challenge and inspire the girls to join the fun. Every member participating in the challenge could choose a song and share his/her own content to show that his/her personality is unique to the entire world.

Examples from the #UnbottleApnaSwag hashtag challenge
Examples from the #UnbottleApnaSwag hashtag challenge | Image courtesy of TikTok and Clean & Clear

The Effect

Yet again the hashtag challenge was a huge success, as Clean & Clear has managed to accumulate 1.96 billion views on their videos, 172 million likes/comments/shares (all different kinds of activities), and 2.62 million videos generated by the users taking part in the campaign from the hashtag challenge. What is more, the official Clean & Clear TikTok account has raised by more than 10.4K follows. This was one of the most successful branded hashtag challenges in entire India to date.

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