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The 30 Business Influencers from Brybe To Skyrocket Your Campaign

I’m going to go on a limb here and say: ten years ago, the concept of business influencers was nonexistent. Maybe even five years ago, but with all these post-COVID years, we’ve all lost count of the years. 

For many people, the concept of business influencers is unknown until today. 

I hear a lot of questions about it. 

So, these are business people, but they also promote businesses?

Do they have a day job or not? 

Are they experts? 

Yes, to all of the above. 

Business influencers are regular influencers who have chosen slightly different niches. Experts in career advice, consumer goods, and services, entrepreneurship, finance, management, and marketing, to name a few. 

Most of the Buyers and business founders in this industry are familiar with the concept. 

But you may have trouble finding the perfect influencers for the role.

That’s why we’re here. 

We’ve come up with a list of 30 top-rated business influencers from our Marketplace, saving you time and money. 

Here’s the list: 

1. Phil Pallen

2. Cassie

3. Ivan Vidussi

4. Khushi Chamaria

5. Dmitry Bairachnyi

6. Kristian

7. Sandra Colton-Medici

8. Dr. Stevii Aisha Mills

9. Drew Schaefering

10. Ahmed Reda

11. Veronica

12. Tye Friis

13. Kyle Kane

14. Mark Cassara

15. Kamil Niewulis

16. Gypsy Mama

17. Mario Pleasant

18. Aden Rao

19. Eileen Rhein

20. Sheelagh Liberboim

21. Kar Brulhart

22. Lucas O'Keefe

23. Brian Bowens

24. Mark-Anthony

25. Ric Crypto

26. Noel Roberts

27. Scott

28. Andrew Wise

29. Teed

30. Dave Nick

Of course, if none of our choice of business influencers suits you, feel free to check out our Influencers category.

We’re sure you’ll find your ideal influencer there.