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Choose A Freelancer Over A Full-Time Employee: 5 Practical Reasons

Are you starting to get that feeling that in the last two years, everything you’ve been reading online is about remote work, freelancing, and work from home? 

We completely shifted from commuting to work and having cocktails during work lunch on Fridays to sitting in our pajamas and having cocktails on Tuesday after a 2-hour Zoom call, and somehow, we’re still debating whether it’s a productive way of working in the long run. 

There are many reasons for it, but one that’s still very much present is the never-ending debate - are freelancers better than full-time employees?

As someone who’s a part of the marketing team at one of the most promising marketplaces for freelancers and buyers,, I’m rooting for freelancers here. And that’s what I would like to discuss in today’s blog post.

Of course, this won’t be one of those blog posts where I’m deliberately trying to find reasons to support my belief. Every business owner has the power and more importantly, the freedom, to come up with this decision, but it’s always good to be reminded of the pros of hiring freelancers, as they are, most likely, going to become the future of work. 

So, here are 5 reasons why you should consider hiring freelancers over full-time employees. 

1. Access To International Best Talent 

We’re way past the point where if you can’t find a suitable Java developer for your company in your area, you’re obliged to work with the ones who are not your first choice, but they’re geographically close to your business. The world is now more connected than ever. 

With just a few clicks, you can connect with professionals from all over the world, regardless of their origin, location, nationality, background. None of that matters in the world of freelance, as long as both sides of the agreement are doing their duties. You’ll be able to work with talented individuals who can bring value to your business in many different ways. 

Take Brybe Marketplace, for example. We have thousands of freelancers from literally every part of the world. It takes less than 10 minutes to create an account as a buyer and voila, the world becomes your oyster. That’s how easy it is to access a great talent. 

Plus, there’s another benefit to hiring international freelancers. 

2. Expand Your Horizons

We live in a multicultural society, but even more so, we strive to build multicultural companies. 

Diversity is crucial for growth, both personal and business-wise. 

By hiring freelancers you’re not only increasing your chances of closing your project soon, but you’re also expanding your horizons. Freelancers are used to working for different companies, for people with different backgrounds which enables them to develop different skill sets. 

You can learn so much from each interaction with freelancers. New ideas, conversational and negotiation techniques, cultural differences, the list goes on and on. 

3. Build Your Product Faster

Do you need to meet your project deadline but there aren’t enough people on your team? 

Do you want to finish with your product faster but you don’t have time for the long, hiring and onboarding process that comes with it? 

Well, all of these headaches are gone when you’re working with freelancers. 

Freelancers are professionals at what they do - they don’t have a choice, really.

Every freelancer who has decided to pursue this lifestyle needs to stay at the top of the game, otherwise, the competition can become ruthless. Plus, they’re not always sure where the next check is coming from so they need to keep their skills at the highest level. 

Freelancers need to maintain the discipline to be able to keep their jobs and clients. This benefits you as a client because you’ll be able to get the product done much faster. Also, you don’t have to micro-manage freelancers - they’ll do all that themselves. It’s a win-win collaboration. 

4. You Can Do More With Less

One of the biggest perks of hiring freelancers is that they’re more affordable than full-time employees. When you’re hiring full-time employees, you have other expenses besides the salary - the benefits, the office, any additional bonuses, and perks, etc. With freelancers, you’re only paying for the job they’ve done for you and that’s it. 

Unless you have a different agreement that may cover expenses for additional costs, you’re paying them either by project or by the hour and that’s it. You’ll be able to save money that you otherwise wouldn’t and you’ll be able to invest that money in other departments of your company. You can even hire more freelancers if that’s what you want to do! 

5. Your Business Will Become More Competitive 

Innovations are the key to staying competitive in any industry. The fastest way to do that in today’s world is to collaborate with people from all over the world. Ideas are bulletproof, they don’t know any race, nationality, or location. 

Collaborate with freelancers who have different ideas than yours, who want to see you and your business strive and grow. Freelancers can introduce you to a new way of functioning, new tools, and new methods that could potentially bring you closer to new markets and new target audiences. 

You see - there are plenty of reasons why you should hire freelancers over full-time employees. As I said previously, you as a business owner hold the power to make such a decision. 

But, you should also be aware of the latest market trends, and how they may affect your company’s growth and developments.

We at are focused on bringing more value for our users, especially our buyers. Be sure to visit our blog section regularly, as we constantly share useful tips to improve the lives of our users