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Choose Influencers For Your Brand From Brybe: A Complete Guide

Finally, you’ve decided to give influencers a try! 

You’ve been reading about working with niche influencers for the past weeks; your social media managers are pretty persuasive with their messages - “Boss, let’s hire niche influencers to promote our brand; the engagement rates are off the charts!”, and you’re thinking why not?

So you being the Instagram wizard that you are, end up searching the influencers yourself. 

You found a few on Instagram, and you’re all excited to message your manager “Jessica, I found our influencers!”

You can’t wait to get on a call with them and start working on a campaign as fast as you can. Ah, imagine all those closed sales you'll get once they create an Instagram reel promoting your product, right? 

It will be the ultimate office party after this, right? 

Eeee… Not so fast. 

Did you consider your customers when you’ve chosen your influencers? 

Are you familiar with influencers’ impressions, reach, and engagement rates

Have you written down your business and campaign goals? 

Do you know the common reasons why most influencer marketing campaigns fail

What KPIs should you measure to know if the campaign is successful? 

Do all these questions sound confusing to you? 

No worries, we totally understand. In fact, that’s why we’re here to help you. 

In our blog post, we’ll help you find the ideal influencers on our platform for your business. 

Let’s begin. 

What Must You Do Before Choosing Your Influencer?  

No influencer campaign should begin without a clear understanding of your target audience. 

Who are you targeting with your campaign? Where do they hang out in the online world? 

What are their personal characteristics? 

Pro tip: Remember your buyer persona? Put it into good use to define this better. If you don’t have your buyer persona defined, there are a lot of free templates online that can help you. 

Why is this important when creating your Buyer Account at Brybe?

Well, check all of our options for finding an influencer. 
You see? 

Our first categorization is general, but all of these influencers could target different audiences. 

For example, celebrities have all kinds of fans. The same rule applies to influencers on different social media networks. Influencers from USA, that’s a good strategy if you’re target audience is in the US only.

Knowing your audience is extremely important to define at the beginning.

The second thing you can’t miss is defining your influencer's personality type. 

Again, our categorization plays a considerable role here. 

Pro tip: What’s your brand voice? What kind of brand image are you building online? Is your brand affordable or luxurious? You need to know the answers to all these questions if you want to set the basis of the type of influencer you’re about to hire. 

The influencer will be the face of your brand. So, choose wisely. 

Check out our blog post if you want to discover more about the different types of influencers

Great, we’ve covered everything about choosing the ideal influencer! 

Let’s see how Brybe fits into this story. 

How To Find Influencers On Brybe - Step By Step Guide 

When you log into your account, here’s your main panel. 

Do you notice the Browse Influencers feature in the header? 

Click on it to see all of our influencers.

If you click on it, it will take you to a new page. 

The first thing you see there are our Top Influencers. These are the celebrities on our platform - actors, singers, and professional athletes.

If you click on View All, you’ll see all Top Influencers on our Marketplace. 

The next thing you’ll notice is our Sort By feature. Choose how to sort the influencers - by price, date, reviews, or followers. 

Pro tip: To reduce the research time, choose an option related to your campaign goals. 

Now, let’s move to the left side of our platform. 
With Brybe, you can post a Buyer’s Request. A Buyer’s Request is a job ad; you can publish as many of these as you want to hire the ideal Influencer. 

We’ll talk about writing a great Buyer’s Request in our next blog post. 

Right underneath, you’ll see our Categories.

We have plenty of categories in our Marketplace. They represent all the influencers and their preferred niches and industry. 

How to choose the right category? 

Think of your business industry. If you’re involved in the fashion industry, choose the Fashion category, This will show only the influencers ready to collaborate with fashion brands. If you’re a business owner or a restaurant, select the Food Category. 

When you’ll click on your preferred Category, you can choose the subcategory, and we have plenty of those too! You can find your specific industry niche within our categories and find the exact influencer from your industry.
Next, it’s our Tier function. If you want to collaborate with specific types of influencers, this is the place to select them. 

Pro tip: Nano and micro-influencers are more likely to collaborate with small businesses, as they’re more affordable too. 

Choose between five social media networks - Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Pro tip: If you don’t know which social media to select, analyze your customers. Where do they hang out? Do they prefer Instagram over TikTok? Do your research before choosing social media. 

You can also choose the Influencers’ location. We have plenty of countries and cities to choose from. 
Finally, you can select a specific price. 

Pro tip: Prepare your budget before searching for influencers. You may get confused with all the numbers and choose a price that’s not within your budget. 

Language is the metric that shows your Influencer's language. 

Delivery time is the deadline for the content to be delivered to you as a Buyer. If you want fast delivery, it costs more. 

Great, now you’ve all set to start looking at Influencers’ profiles! 

Let’s take a look at one example to clarify additional details. 

We have Kalani Hilliker on our Brybe Marketplace. She’s a popular dancer, actress, and model. 

This is her Brybe profile. 

You can instantly see the type of influencer she is - mega influencer, her delivery time - 2 days, her starting price - $2500, and her location - California. You can also check her preferred categories and see if your industry is there. 

A starting price is a price per post. 

It’s characterized as a starting because you can negotiate with the influencer and discuss different payment methods.

In Kalani’s case, she’s charging $2500 as a starting price per post. Unless you agree on a different price during your negotiation process, this is the price you’re going to have to pay per post if you want Kalani to promote your brand. 

There are other numbers you should be looking at - engagement and reactions. 

Here how that looks like: 

She has only two social media channels - Instagram and TikTok. 

When you click on one of them, you’ll see the three following options: Link to profile, Engagement, and Reactions. 

The Link to profile functionality is pretty self-explanatory - it will link you directly to her Instagram account. 

Engagement shows the percentage of people who have engaged with the influencer’s content in any way, whether that’s like, share, or comment. This is the common formula to calculate the engagement rate:

The number of interactions with a post \ The number of followers  * 100   

Reactions represent the actual number of people who react to social media posts. Depending on the network, these reactions can be likes only, but there are other reactions to social media platforms too. 

Pro tip: The number of Reactions on TikTok will always be higher because the TikTok algorithm shows content from influencers and creators from anywhere in the world.  

Why are these numbers important? 

They tell you a lot about how the audience of this specific influencer connects with their content, how engaging the content is, and how effective their relationships are. Through these numbers, you can really calculate how successful a campaign with a specific influencer may be. 

Last, you have Reviews. 

Here you can read about other Buyers’ opinions and thoughts on that influencer after collaborating with them. 

And that’s it! 

Now, you have all the information to create your Buyer account and start looking for the right influencers. 

An important note: Notice how we didn’t cover anything for Influencers' Offers and Buyer’s Requests? 

That’s a topic to cover in our next blog post, and we’ll include video guidelines! 

Until next time!