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Choose Your Freelance Niche: A Complete Guide For Beginners

Once you decide to enter the freelance world, you’ll hear this a lot - pick your freelance niche! It’s everywhere - in the freelancing guides you’ll read, in the podcasts you’ll listen to, even in the random conversation you’ll have with fellow freelancers, you’ll hear this quote.

However, one question arises itself - how to choose your niche if you’re only a beginner at freelancing, don’t know where to start, and don’t have the slightest clue what you want to do? 

Well, that’s why we’re here. 

The editors at Brybe Marketplace decided to create this guide for all of you new freelancers out there and help you choose a freelance niche that fits your skills, lifestyle, and desires. 

Let’s start by answering one simple question. 

What’s A Freelance Niche? 

Simply put, a niche is a particular part of the market that suits your needs and passion and helps you differentiate from your competition. A niche is not always an entire industry - like real estate, for example - it can be just a part of it, but a part where you can utilize your skills the most, enjoy your work and make quite the profit from it. 

There are two factors to consider when picking out your freelance niche: working experience and your USP (unique selling point).

If you have experience in specific fields, it can give you the confidence to better sell and promote yourself and get the job done. So, when picking out your niche, you should focus on your past working experience. But, as experience is something that everyone will make over time, you should focus on building your Unique Selling Point, too - the thing that separates you from your competition. Find the uniqueness in your services or skills and present it in a way that’s both admirable and effective. 

It may sound easy, but actually, the road to get here can be pretty bumpy. Plus, many freelancers, especially those who are new at this, think that narrowing down their skills will limit their options, and that’s the next point we need to clarify for you. 

Why Do You Need To Niche Down Your Skills? 

So, just for the sake of our arguments, picture this: you’re opening your web design and development company, and you need someone to build your website together with you. So, you start your search for a qualified copywriter. You run into two types of freelancers. 

One of them is all like, “Sure, I can do that for you! I can create the content for any kind of website you like, no problem!” - too confident and not personalized at all. But the other one starts to ask questions about your services and your company -  the type of web development services you offer, the type of clients you’re working with - basically getting to know your company’s mission, vision, and goals to be able to create a better ending product for you. This freelancer may even have experience writing website content for web design and development companies, and that’s a plus.

graphic designer computer

The moral of the story? 

Freelancer #1 will take any job just to have something to work with. These types of freelancers are usually Jacks-of-all-trades but masters of none. Most of them are newbies looking to land a gig to get the ball rolling. They are not thinking about choosing a specific niche because they may still lack the confidence, experience, and skills to do that. 

But freelancer #2 is a bit different. They know exactly what to do, which questions to ask to discover their client’s needs, etc. And, many of them are working in one niche only, which significantly increases their expertise. 

Do you know who’s more likely to get picked by the client?

Of course, the second one. The chances of receiving a high-quality end product are more remarkable with the second freelancer because their work focuses only on one niche.  

The bottom line is this one - when you try to niche down your skills, you show that you have the expertise to work in one particular niche, which increases your credibility. You’ll look more professional, and clients will instead pick you over anyone else. Also, you’ll be able to focus on perfecting your skills in one industry only, and with it, to offer an even better service for everyone. Plus, you can charge more money for your services because they’re narrowed down, and that gives you authority over your work. 

Okay, now that you know why it’s essential to pick one niche, let’s break down the entire process of choosing the right freelancing niche for you. 

Here’s how you can do it: 

Research The Most Popular Freelance Niches 

Don’t know where to start? 

Start with what everyone’s doing - the most popular freelance niches! That doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically find yourself in any of those niches, but it can be a good start. Popular niches are such for a reason - either they’re fun, profitable, or people just love to work within them. 

Here are some of the most popular freelancing niches: 

  • Digital Marketing 
  • SEO
  • Content Writing 
  • Technical Writing 
  • Programming 
  • SCRUM Master 

You can research each of these and see whether that’s something you would consider doing. We have all of them and many more at our Brybe Marketplace; feel free to check them out. 

Discover What You’re Good At vs. What You Love To Do 

What we do and what we love to do aren’t always the same thing - for most people, that is. But that’s the difference with freelancing - you shouldn’t be stuck doing what you don’t like now that you’re your boss, right? 

Well, now you have the time to figure out what you love to do.

You have a way with words? Great, you can nail the content writing industry or become an excellent copywriter. 

wordpress website

Are you good at receiving guidelines from someone else and executing everything with the utmost excellence? Awesome, apply for virtual assistant jobs.

How about teamwork, you love to work with people, getting to know them so you can bring out the best in them? Maybe SCRUM Master is your go-to job. 

However, your search for the ideal freelance niche shouldn’t go without the obvious question - what are you good at. You need to consider your experience when researching the niches you love - that is, if you have any of that. If you don’t have any relevant working experience, it will take longer for you to find out what you love, but there’s a solution to that too - we have it on our list. 

Moving on to the next point.

Don’t Follow Your Passion - Follow The Problem-solving Mindset 

You’ve probably heard this by now - follow your passion, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. 

Well, while that might be good for some, people who love what they do are always subjective for their outcomes. And it can be harder to receive any kind of feedback when you work on things you love.

While we’re not saying that you shouldn’t follow your passion - there are tons of freelancers at our Marketplace just because they love what they do - we’re just saying that you can modify it a bit. 

By adding a problem-solving mindset. 

If you focus on finding a solution to your client’s problems, you’ll always have a job, you’ll always have more clients to work with, and you’ll always prosper in your career. Here’s where your skills come - you need to show that you can solve the problems your clients may face. That’s how you can become a valuable employee and even more valuable team member. Passion is necessary, but not when it comes to the work you do - sometimes, it’s enough if you just use your skills in an effective way to solve problems, and that’s it. 

Forget Choosing The Most Profitable Niche - Find Your Freelance Niche

Influencer Marketing

Almost every freelancer enters this industry with one big dilemma in mind - is this niche even profitable? So, they start googling the term “most profitable freelancing niches” and get stuck with lists that are too generic to be applicable for every freelancer. And that’s the biggest mistake most new freelancers make - stuck with the money on their mind instead of their knowledge and skills.

It’s simple math, really - if you’re excellent at something, every niche is profitable. 

If you’re good at something, practice it for a very long time, and know how to charge for your skills, you’ll have no time making any freelance niche profitable for you. When you learn how to sell yourself, which, honestly, may take some time, you’ll see that the niche has nothing to do with money - you’ll be able to charge as much as you want simply because you have something valuable to offer to your clients. 

Test Your Ideas For A Limited Time 

Last but not least: put a time limit on your search for the perfect freelance niche. 

When you’re just starting, it’s easy to get all mixed up in the freelance world and forget that you have to get hired at one point. Between the search for the perfect client and the search for your suitable niche, you might get all lost, so putting a time limit can turn out to be quite beneficial. 

Here’s a simple suggestion from us that works every time - test every idea you have for 30 days. Build your portfolio and regardless of your niche, give yourself 30 days to send out proposals, send cold emails or send applications. If by any chance you can’t find a suitable client for you in those 30 days, move on to the next idea - that might be proof that, after all, that niche isn’t the right one for you. 

And that’s it from us! 

In our experience, perseverance is the key to success - everything else is already given to you. Take our Brybe Marketplace - it’s free, you can use it anytime, and we have countless niches to pick from - all you have to do is make the first step and sign up!