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Create Buyer’s Requests To Attract The Right Talent From Brybe Marketplace

In our last blog post, we talked about finding the right influencers from Brybe Marketplace. 

Although our platform is easy and simple to use, many of our Buyers may find it difficult to choose the ideal influencers for their businesses. Our comprehensive guide helped them a lot. 

Following the positive response of our Buyers, we decided to write another blog post and explain everything about Buyers’ Requests. Buyer’s Requests are an effective way to attract talented Influencers to work with you and promote your brand on social media.

Here’s the process of creating Buyer’s Requests. 

What To Do When You First Arrive at Brybe Marketplace?

First, you need to take care of your profile. 

This is the Buyer’s profile of our CEO Igor. 

Our CEO doesn’t have any content on his profile other than personal information, as we’re only using his account for educational purposes. 

A good Buyer’s Request starts with your profile. 

Who are you? 

What kind of services or products do you offer? 

Who is your ideal customer?

The more detailed you are about your business’ mission and vision, the better our professionals will understand your Buyers’ Requests. 

Don’t forget to enter your location. 

Let’s move on to our next step.

You can see the button Create Request in the top corner. 

If you click on it, it will allow you to choose to create Requests for Freelancers or Influencers. 

Now, let’s create your first Buyer’s Requests! 

How To Create A Catchy Buyer’s Request on Brybe Marketplace For Influencers 

This is the official look of Buyer’s Request for Influencers. 

The first thing you see is the social media channels on our platform. Brybe Marketplace has the five most popular social media platforms.

When choosing the social media network, focus on your business and campaign goals.

Choose the social media platform that resonates with your ideal customers.

Here’s how that looks once you’ve chosen the network: 

Next, it’s the Title. 

The Title represents the main idea of your request. 

Don’t create long titles; your title should be short and on the point so that any Influencer can easily understand your requirements. 

Here’s our suggestion for a creative and valuable Title: 

You’re mentioning all the important information for Influencers to know - the social media platform, the type of influencers, and the type of brand. 

The Category represents the category of Influencers that you’d like to receive offers. 

Choose your industry, as you ideally prefer to work with influencers from your industry. 

Submission Deadline is the deadline when the Request will stay open. It’s the final date when you’ll receive Offers from Influencers. 

Ideally, you would want to give the influencers time. Not every influencer visits our Brybe Marketplace regularly, so a week or two is ideal for receiving Offers from Influencers. 

Audience Countries help you choose the origin countries of your influencers. 

Choosing the country should be related to your campaign and business goals. 

If your goal is to work with local influencers, you need to choose your country and vice versa. 

When it comes to price and money, we offer two features to better manage your campaigns. 

The My Budget feature is for you to set a specific budget and control the expenses of your campaign. It’s visible to you only, but it can be of great help in handling expenses. 

We also offer the possibility to choose a Price Range. A Price Range shows how much you are ready to pay for the collaboration. When setting the price range, consider the type of influencers you want to collaborate with. 

Now, for the most important part of your Buyer’s Request - the campaign description. 

The Description of your campaign is the part where you should explain your business, ideas, and campaign expectations. The better and more detailed the description, the more offers you might receive. 

This is your opportunity to show what makes your business unique and why influencers should choose to collaborate with you. 

Here’s our example of a well-written campaign description - we’re following the same scenario with the pastry business from the example above: 

We're a family-owned pastry business. We offer some of the most delicious pastries in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. Our family has been running this business since 2006, and since then, we've managed to attract more than 10K regular customers per month. 

For any additional information about our business, please check our website. 

For our current marketing goals, we're looking for food influencers with more than 10K followers on Instagram and TikTok. 

We're looking for a creative professional who can create 3 reels per week for the next 4 weeks. Our marketing team can help you brainstorm ideas about the reels, but we appreciate a self-initiative and creative mindset. 

Ideally, you should be located in Los Angeles. 

We're waiting for your Offers!

You have 2500 characters that you can use for the description, so don’t be shy with your words. 

Also, don’t forget to Attach files and Attach URLs if needed. 

Additionally, you can set up a Review score. A Review score is for Influencers that could send their Offers to you.

You can also choose the Number of followers. This is an excellent way to avoid receiving Offers from Influencers with a lower or higher number of followers than your ideal one. 

And that’s it! 

You’re ready to press that Post Request button and wait for Influencers to come to you. 

Next, let’s check the Buyer’s Requests for Freelancers. 

Creating a Buyer’s Requests for Freelancers at Brybe Marketplace

If you want to create Buyer’s Requests for Freelancers, you have to choose that option: 

Once you choose the option For Freelancers, this is what you’ll be looking at next: 

As you can see, they’re almost exactly the same. 

You will need to write a catchy Title, choose a suitable Category, set your budget if you like under My Budget, and set the Price Range for the Offers to come. 

Additionally, you can choose the Review Score and collaborate only with Freelancers with a specific Review Score. 

Request Description is as same as Campaign Description

Here, you can talk about your brand and why Freelancers should choose to work with you. 

You can also Attach files and Attach URLs, if that’s what you want.

Important note: All of our tips for creating Buyers’ Requests for Influencers are suitable for creating Buyers’ Requests for Freelancers as well. Follow our guidance and you’ll have no problems creating unique, creative, and catchy requests.

And that’s it! 

Now you know everything there is to know to create one-of-a-kind Buyers’ Requests, both for Freelancers and Influencers. 

Our Brybe Marketplace offers you all the necessary resources for you to find and work with some of the best international talents, many of which are present on our platform. 

If you need any help posting your requests, don’t hesitate to contact us

Our support team will be more than happy to help you!