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Top 20 Fashion Influencers For Collaboration

Writing about fashion influencers for collaboration isn’t our first time. 

We’ve already covered the topic of why it’s important for small business owners of fashion brands to collaborate with fashion influencers

But some fashion influencers are more ready for collaboration than others. 

It’s easier to reach them out, they prepare campaigns faster, and above all, they’re affordable. 

If you want to know who are those X fashion influencers for collaboration, continue reading. 

1. Jennifer Laurantius

2. Cassie

3. Dasha

4. Jasmine Owens

5. Angelo Giuseppe Di Guardo

6. Jolene Goring

7. Victoria Long

8. Jennifer Blenk

9. Ella West

10. Annika Oviedo

11. Nurse Shannan

12. Anna Lehman

13. Zariya

14. Josue Zambrano

15. Sydney Raynell

16. Yoi Montgomery

17. Shaylene

18. Kaylee Milton

19. Ashley Giov

20. Lexi Mariah

We have here 20 of Brybe’s best fashion influencers for collaboration. 

But if you want to check more of them, visit our Category page.