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Find Top-Rated Fashion Influencers To Hire From Our Marketplace

With this market presence, it seems redundant to discuss the importance of influencer marketing - it’s a 16.4 billion dollar worth of industry. 

But there’s one industry that has taken the influencer marketing world on its own - the fashion industry. The fashion industry existed on its own long before social media came into existence and with it, fashion influencers were born. However, not a designer on sight will tell you that social media has negatively impacted their business - on the contrary. 

Social media platforms are designed to keep users attached to their phones as a result of the visual content. And what is fashion if not an extremely visual experience for people of all ages, classes, styles, locations around the world? 

The global fashion influencer marketing market size was estimated at USD 1.5 billion in 2019 and is estimated to reach USD 2.02 billion in 2020.

In 2019, the global fashion influencer market size was estimated at $1.5 billion. It’s estimated that by 2027, the industry will grow by 35%. These numbers are not to be underestimated, as more fashion influencers will join the industry. 

The benefits for small business owners who will decide to work with fashion influencers are numerous. 

Why Should Small Business Owners Consider Hiring Fashion Influencers 

Just like any other business, hiring influencers can make or break the business. 

To avoid experiencing the common reasons why most influencer marketing campaigns fail, remember this: do proper research on your influencer before hiring and choose an influencer that suits your brand, not the ones who have the largest number of followers. 

There are a lot of types of influencers, and there are pros and cons to working with all of them. But your job as a business owner, or to your marketer, is to find the ones that work the best for your business. You may think that hiring Elon Musk will do wonders for your business, but how popular is he in the fashion industry? Not quite. 

This kind of critical thinking will provide you with a stable plan for developing an influencer marketing campaign that will bring results. 

Plus, social media users love fashion. It’s the easiest thing to sell online, as users can easily visualize themselves wearing the clothes that your brand is trying to promote. 

So, if you’re involved in the fashion industry, working with fashion influencers and bloggers can put you one step closer to your target audience. 

We’ve chosen the top-rated fashion influencers from our Marketplace, who are ready to collaborate with you in no time. 

Check them out! 

1. Gianna Harner

2. Kalani Hilliker

3. Mackenzie Turner

4. Myley Johnson

5. Krissha Viaje

6. Leon Kub

7. Sushi the Dog

8. Maitha Abduljalil

9. Nadia Caterina Munno

10. Taylore Henkel

11. Bilal Minhas

12. Eden Levine

13. Sharon Vivian Ruiz Valdez

14. Chris Han

15. Alexi Blue

16. Franciele

17. Marissa Rachel

18. Christina Tessman

19. Jeely

20. Felicia Flaherty

21. Brianna Olsen

22. Karisma Collins

23. Sebastian Arguello

24. Cici

25. Heather Austrie

Notes To Remember 

Working with fashion influencers is not complicated as it seems, but it requires a lot of time and planning. Hopefully, with this list, you’ll be able to find the proper influencers for your business. 

If these are not enough, check the other fashion influencers on our website – we have plenty of them!