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Free Marketing Certificates That Could Help Your Business

The more you know when planning your next influencer marketing campaign, the better it will be. The team at has compiled a list of some free certifications for you that can enable you to gain new marketing knowledge and enhance your resume! Who knows, maybe in the future they will be the reason you will be chosen to work with a brand?

Knowledge and documents that prove your competence usually cost a lot – but it does not always have to be this way. It turns out that in these days of ubiquitous access to the internet, you can get some free certificates, which will not only give you a real boost of information but also will be a tangible confirmation that your future client is working with a professional. We hope you find the certifications we have listed below useful – whether you are an influencer seeking self-improvement or a company employee looking to enrich the expertise you already have.

Google Ads

Google Ads official logo

When you use Google to look for a barber or restaurant, chances are you see an AdWords ad at the top of the search results. Google Ads teaches you the fundamentals of how you should organize, scale, and measure the success of digital advertising campaigns. It is an amazing education, and everyone in digital marketing should have this certification. Best of all, Google Ads is a free certification. It takes two tests to complete: Adwords Fundamentals and a test in one of five ad subcategories (do the Search Advertising exam first, but do them all over time).

Doubleclick by Google

Google DoubleClick logo

Doubleclick is currently the most popular ad serving tool. There are others, but none are used as common across the industry as Doubleclick. If your firm runs banner ads (they do) then knowing about how Doubleclick works is a must. The certification track can be found through Google’s Academy for Ads.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics logo

In the marketing world, firms will live and die by ROI. Google Analytics is the best way to measure ad campaign and ad results. Put simply: Google Analytics uses code placed in the header of the website to determine where web traffic is coming from, and what actions are completed on your web page. Learning Analytics is easy with Google Academy for Ads. Google analytics code lives in the header of almost every B2C website and a lot of B2B websites too. After passing the exam, make sure to get comfortable with Google Data Studio. Your future clients will thank you.

Twitter Flight School

Twitter Flight School Path

Twitter is one of the most prominent ad and customer service new media platforms. Almost everyone with a smartphone has the Twitter app installed. Twitter’s courses will teach you how to write the best copy you can in less than 280 characters. It will also show you how and where to use hashtags, and the best ways to use Twitter in advertising campaigns. The case studies covered in Flight School are fascinating and full of good and easily consumable lessons. Make sure to check out the “Extra-curricular” classes offered after finishing Flight School to learn more about media buys on Twitter.

Bing Ads Certification

Bing Ads logo

Bing is not the most popular search engine, but with its acquisition of Yahoo, it is the second most popular search engine. Its ads populate the same way as Adwords, but they remain in Microsoft’s digital properties. It is an especially powerful advertising tool if your target audiences are baby boomers or older Gen Xers who still use Yahoo mail, and who use MSN as their homepage. The certification is free, and it does have some cool features. Lastly, Bing ads are cheap, so if your brand is looking to target an older audience with a small budget, your certification will come in handy.

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification Logo

This certification is the culmination of all the certifications above. However, it is not as detailed. After passing the certs above, dive into this course and learn about how to tie landing pages to Google Analytics to Facebook, Google, and Twitter advertisements and measure their results. Think of Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Certification as the most valuable capstone class you have ever taken.