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Get Paid In Crypto: Brybe, The First Marketplace To Pay Influencers and Freelancers in Crypto

Brybe Marketplace officially became the first digital platform offering crypto payments for Influencers and Freelancers! 

“As Brybe is all about shifting power from big tech corporations to individual users, transitioning into the crypto world is an expected yet much-needed business decision.” - says the founder and the CEO of the company, Igor Fedenkoff. 

Additionally, Igor explains, “For us, it’s all about helping our users reach their goals, both professional and personal. 60% of Influencers already prefer to be paid in crypto, and we always strive to meet our users' needs. We entered the MetaVerse, introduced NFT in our marketplace, and now, we are incorporating crypto payments. To accomplish this, we partnered up with Quidli, a platform that enables direct sharing of crypto rewards with contributors and colleagues, or in our case, with Freelancers and Influencers. 

Igor continues, “Adoption of cryptocurrencies on a national level is still an issue to be discussed. However, we hope that with this business decision, we can add to the overall positive benefit the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have on our lives. As we are the only company that combines services of Influencers and Freelancers in one place, we intend to set the industry standard and motivate other business owners to follow our example.”

While many seem skeptical regarding the latest developments in the crypto industry, Igor F. holds the opposite opinion. 

“Last year, we witnessed many ups and downs, not only on the crypto market but in our economy as well. We as a company didn’t stay immune to it, and it was my responsibility as an entrepreneur and a job provider to find a proper solution. Incorporating crypto payments for our users is not only a good business decision - it’s a well-thought-out general decision. Considering the latest events, such as the potential SWIFT sanction on Russia, could steer the markets towards the blockchain technology, reducing the reliance on any monetary system, ” Igor said. 

“By introducing crypto payments, our users will have a chance to protect their money from high inflation, but we’re also preparing for the future. I strongly believe that Web 3 is here to stay - blockchain technology revolutionized our way of working, and its influence will only grow with time. We as a company intend to make the most of it, and help our users accomplish their goals - one crypto payment at a time,” Igor continued. 

We will continue to follow the latest trends and discover the most productive ways to meet the needs of our users. 

If you’re interested in hiring Influencers or Freelancers, create your Brybe account today and start your search.