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Get Rid of the Middleman and Go Direct With Your Business!

New to influencer marketing? You do not need any intermediaries. Work directly with influencers, get rid of costs, and be free with!

Working with influencer marketing attracts more and more interest and attention from companies from all over the world and new brands realize that contact with potential customers using widely propagated social media platforms is much more effective. The biggest producers and service providers in the world reach for various tools, marketplaces, and websites to work with influencer marketing because more and more marketing analysts are finding out that communication with the target clientele through creators whom people trust and do not associate with typical advertisements is much more natural – and thus much more effective.

This growing popularity of influencer marketing makes not only the biggest companies use such methods more and more willingly, but now also the local sellers and producers use these techniques – because many of them increasingly often realize that entering this industry and starting work with influencer marketing is not only not so expensive, but usually is much cheaper and more profitable than using conventional media. However, when it comes to cooperation with people and creating such a delicate thread of understanding between the brand, content creator, and customer, the flow of information must be as simple and effective as possible, which often can generate problems.

The solution to the resulting inconveniences is remarkably simple: you just need to communicate directly with the influencer and consult further elements of the campaign yourself – but is that so easy and straightforward to achieve nowadays? Not only is it difficult to contact the big content creators – regardless of the chosen method and whether we are talking about writing an official email or contacting directly through social media – but also because influencers with 100k followers and more are flooded with such information every day and it is hard for them to choose the valuable and profitable offers (and thus they often lose a whole lot of opportunities) – and not to mention that avoiding the use of different types of tools enables all kinds of unfair actions and you can get very easily defrauded in this way. is an influencer marketplace that solves all these problems because the website enables direct contact with the influencer while securing both parties of the signed contract. In other words, when using Brybe, any company can directly contact any influencer – be it a new one or one it already works with – when the administration of the portal will not in any way "interfere" in their arrangements – or at least not until one of the elements of the concluded agreement has been broken and a disputed situation has occurred.

“Brands get frustrated with agents these days, and it also takes longer – that is why we got rid of the middleman once and for all,” admits Daniel Orlov, the COO and Co-founder of Brybe, Inc. “We gave the brands special tools, chat within the platform and fraud protection in case the job would not get done – basically taking care of everything and making sure that we are here for them.”

Brybe supports both the content creators and the brands with its escrow-like system, which guarantees 100% security and gives you peace of mind while waiting for the contract to be fulfilled. Furthermore, this new platform completely removes the middleman at every stage of the dialogue, thus creating a natural environment for fruitful collaboration, development, and supporting the extremely important creative atmosphere that is often the basis for a successful marketing campaign in this industry.

“These days brands just want platforms that are easy to use and give them the power to be in control – and that is exactly what Brybe is,” adds Igor Fedenkoff, the CEO of Brybe, Inc. “More and more brands are using Brybe as they see that our platform is extremely easy to use and that thanks to it, they can go direct with the influencers all the way they want.”

If you are interested in how the platform works in practice and would like to see how direct communication between companies and content creators can successfully influence your business, visit and see for yourself – setting up an account on the site is completely free of charge and you can use its basic functionalities without paying a single dollar.