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Hire 22 Of The Best YouTube Influencers On Brybe Marketplace

Do you know that a quarter of the world’s population is using YouTube every month? 

YouTube has more than 2 billion active users! Many of those are YouTube influencers, creators, teachers, respectful members of the meme community - you name it, YouTube has it all. You’re probably even reading this article with music from YouTube in the background. 

YouTube is its own search engine. YouTube Influencers use it to find the proper keywords, and they optimize their videos according to those keywords. But aside from their SEO skills, YouTube Influencers should possess another set of skills - being comfortable in front of the camera and exceptional video editing skills. Based on these, but also other relevant factors, we’ve come up with a list of 22 YouTube Influencers that you can hire for your influencer campaign. 

Feel free to contact them! 

1. Irmãos Piologo

2. Nena

3. Maitha Abduljalil

4. Marissa Rachel

5. Tatiana

6. Dr. Dana Brems

7. Kamil Niewulis

8. JR Garage

9. Candi Grzegorczyk

10. Jesus Christ

11. Dion Williams

12. Alison Henry

13. Gautier Fayolle

14. Morgan Stewart

15. Camilla Santana Santos

16. Dave Nick

17. Colin Browen

18. Jenna Larson

19. Ali Brustofski

20. Alex Dorame

21. Sebastian Arguello

22. Emily Ramos



Hiring a YouTube Influencer for your next campaign shouldn’t be as hard as it looks. We’ve made this so easy on you with our messaging functionality on the platform. 

If you need any help overcoming a crisis with the help of Influencers, read our guide on how to work with Influencers to help you scale your campaign. 

However, if none of these 22 influencers is a good fit for your business, don’t hesitate to check other YouTube influencers from our Marketplace.