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How to Find Influencers Suitable For Your Niche?

Which influencers will be suitable for your niche, brand, and business model – and how to find them? Which features decide that content creator will work well with your industry and your client? Are all influencers equally good if they achieve similar statistics? Find out that and more in our latest blog post – here at

If you ask any marketer who’s spearheaded their own influencer campaign, you will find that one of the most challenging and time-consuming parts is figuring out how to find influencers in your industry that really complement your brand. There are more obvious obstacles like fake influencers with purchased followers. But moving past that, you will need to do your research to make sure that the influencers you choose have truly interested and engaged fans whose lifestyles fit seamlessly with your products and services. Understandably, this can be a pretty intimidating process.

How do you know which keywords and hashtags to use in your searches? Where can you find industry-specific pockets of activity, like where all the beauty influencers, travel influencers, and food influencers hang out online? This article has got you covered. We will drill down into some popular influencer marketing industries (like beauty, fashion, travel, fitness, and food), as well as give you some general tips so you can streamline and master the process of learning how to find influencers in your industry.

How to Find Social Media Influencers in Your Industry

freelancer girl at work

Uncovering the influencers in your industry is the first step to growing your business with influencer marketing, but before you dive in, it is critical to ensure you are targeting the right influencers.

First, Determine Who You Are Trying to Influence

Who is your target audience? You likely already have a clear picture of your audience from your other marketing efforts, so now you need to dive into this audience’s interests a bit deeper to determine who they follow and where they consume information. For instance, if you sell to mainly 30-something, work-from-home mothers, research who these mothers follow, where they read reviews, what social platforms they spend the most time on, where they consume news, and so on.

Research, Research, Research!

Now that you have a clear idea of who your audience is influenced by, it is time to find out how to find influencers. Luckily, several tools can help you uncover your social media influencers, including using our own platform – Brybe. We are doing our best to make sure that our influencer marketplace will streamline your influencer's searching process as much as possible – and we are sure that in our ever-growing database of content creators you will always find a suitable influencer… it is, as long as you already know who you are looking for!

And Who Should I Be Looking for?

There are three main criteria for picking influencers to collaborate with:

  1. Engaging – is this person generating conversation, triggering shares, creating compelling content?
  2. Relevant – will it be an effective collaboration?
  3. Collaborative – is this person likely to work with me?

7 Tips of How to Find the Right Influencers in Practice

beautiful girl at the laptop

When you start to look for influencers, use these tips to guide your search. These best practices will help you find the influencers most likely to help you create a successful campaign.

  1. Know your goals before you start – when learning how to find influencers, do not focus on finding every influencer; find the right influencers. The right influencers are people, brands, and accounts that can best help you reach your audience and goals.
  2. Know the type of influencer campaign you want to run – as you map out your influencer marketing plans, also consider what type of campaign will best help you connect with the type of influencers you want to work with.
  3. Find influencers related to your industry – when deciding how to find influencers in your niche, a good place to start is with famous or well-known figures in your industry. Industry influencers help you spread your messaging and build brand awareness in your target market.
  4. Find influencers you promote your competitors – to find influencers who will be likely to work with your brand, look for influencers who are already working with brands like yours. Influencers who already write about others in your industry will be more likely to share content about your brand than accounts that never mention other brands in your niche.
  5. Find influencers that share your audience – influencers do not necessarily need to be tied to your industry. Influencers who share your audience can provide just as much value as those directly tied to your industry. In fact, working with influencers in an industry that overlaps or is complementary to your own may help you reach even more of your audience.
  6. Understand the authority of the influencer – when deciding which influencer is right for your campaign, evaluate their authority to determine if they have a relevant or large enough reach to help you accomplish your goals. Influencer analysis is an important part of learning how to find the right influencers that can reach your audience.
  7. Track your results – as you launch campaigns, track influencer marketing KPIs that will help you determine if you have reached your goals. Then, once your campaign is complete, review your results to decide if the campaign was a success or needs work.

Now, when we have shared all these useful tips with you, we are sure that you are going to use our platform – Brybe – to the maximum. Let us together create the best influencer marketing campaign in your life!