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How to Increase Sales With TikTok Influencers

TikTok is one of the best social media platforms for influencer marketing if you are hoping to reach the so-called Generation Z. Sponsored – and sometimes even organic – content on TikTok can resonate to make you reach an entirely new audience – but how to achieve that? Below you will find an article with a couple of steps for increasing sales with TikTok influencers that could change your perception of this social media platform and make you start using it in a brand new way!

If you are not yet convinced of TikTok or you think that this platform does not fit your target audience, you have certainly not yet learned the full potential of this service and you still have a lot to learn. According to statistics provided by Oberlo, TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform in the world with over 800 million active users. The way the application works and the constant increase in popularity of its influencers makes it an ideal environment to advertise sponsored content, which will reach hundreds, thousands, or maybe even millions of people in a very short time, at the same time getting a very high engagement rate – and thus contributing to sales results.

One example is Mattel's #unowhoyouare campaign on TikTok, which was created to promote their UNO card game. The effect? The hashtag has more than one million views and Mattel has revealed an increase in UNO sales of more than 116 percent compared to the previous year. Have you changed your mind and are you interested in using TikTok for your business? Then you should…

You Need to Understand the Algorithm First

One of the mysterious reasons for the success of TikTok is the "For You" page, which was designed in a quite unique way. Unlike other social media platforms, each portal user searching this section of his/her profile receives a personalized endless video feed, which works much more effectively than any of the competing methods of "discovering" new content. Here, you do not even have to follow or watch anyone – all you have to do is have a profile, share some content, and click in… pretty much anything, and TikTok will recognize your interests and give you a ready-made, endless package of customized stuff, consisting of popular trends and challenges that include all kinds of songs, slogans, and hashtags.

Bad Influencers = Bad Effects

Since you already know how little it takes for the TikTok algorithm to provide the user with content that includes a lot of promotional material, the next step will be to find the right creators of such content. That is why influencer marketing thrives so much on this social media platform because here the right influencers can really spread their wings and generate more traffic than anywhere else. Thanks to the endless nature of the "For You" page mentioned above, here every influencer – even micro- or nano-influencer – can be seen, noticed, and appreciated (regardless of the number of followers), and the type of his/her content – or, since we are talking about a large marketing campaign, "their" content – can reach a huge number of people. What is so great about it? As you probably know, since it has worked out many times on Instagram or Snapchat, small content creators have the biggest engagement rate – and here we get to the point. If cooperation with them is profitable on other social networking sites, where due to the low number of viewers and small reach they are not able to generate a lot of traffic, but still effectively influence the purchase decisions of their viewers… what is TikTok capable of? Now you probably understand what this is all about, right?

Let Their Creativity Flow!

TikTok requires a slightly different approach than other social media platform and here you have to be much more understanding and give your influencers a much freer hand. Just give them the product, the slogan, the hashtag, or whatever you want them to promote and…  wait patiently until they charm their audience in their own way. Here, if your content creator will be able to naturally show his or her audience that your product is something they would really reach for, or that the initiative promoted by your brand is noteworthy, it will surely gain a lot of support – when artificially created slogans and marketing materials, effective on more classic portals like Facebook or Instagram, may not be as successful.

The Bigger Participation the Better

The last and perhaps the most important stage is that on TikTok the very creation of an idea will be worth almost nothing if it is not followed by a sufficient number of people to carry it to even more people… and so on. As part of your campaign, encourage the audience to participate in it and take an active role. Invent a hashtag or movement that they can share and for which your potential clients can also create, and encourage other influencers – by working with the hired creators – to participate in the initiative to generate as much traffic as possible. Only in this way you will infect hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people with your idea and start to make money on your product in a way that until now could only seem like a marketing dream.

And what do you think about all this? We live in times when it would seem that nothing new will be invented anymore, yet social media platforms like TikTok prove that creativity always finds a way to exist and that we have to constantly adapt to new trends. People spend hours staring at their phones every day, so as long as you can control or at least influence the content that is displayed to them – and most importantly, the content they want to see – you can rest assured of your future and the growth of your company and brand. The predictions of's employees are simple: TikTok seems to be the future and if you do not use it yet, even if only by following the few rules described above, you are making a huge mistake.