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How To Promote Your Own Sponsored Content From Influencers

Have you ever wondered how to promote organic influencer posts as ads? Read our short tutorial blog post below to find that out and even further improve the profits you are making when using Brybe and some of the best social media platforms like Instagram!

This is indeed an opportunity that many marketers forget about, but you need to remember that you can use the posts of your influencer as organic content or paid posts! This is one of the things that makes the influencer marketing so great, and since there is an option of easily turning your influencer's post on Instagram – and, which is even greater, boost it a little bit – into a fully-fledged ad, if you were not using this opportunity you are missing a whole lot! Do not worry, though, as below we will explain to you how to use this opportunity and how to see which content is organically successful and can seamlessly translate to a paid success.

But Why Should You Even Care About Promoting Your Influencer's Content?

Because it is authentic – that is why! With a targeted audience – a group of loyal followers – and a crafted voice, influencers are one of the purest marketing channels that produce the biggest levels of engagement and trust. While authentic and targeted marketing is a huge advantage of influencers, you cannot forget about recognizing the content that is quality – and if it is not, you could not only avoid promoting it but also consider a renegotiation of your deal made via Brybe.

One more thing: remember that promoting your influencer's content as an ad is a great way to share your collaborations with an even larger audience, and this way you could enhance the level of the influencer you have chosen for free – turning a nano- influencer to a micro- one in a way, and so on. The boosted ad content will organically generate great engagements – and the stronger these are, the more love your brand is going to get through this boosted content.

First Things First: How to Authorize Influencers to Tag Your Brand on Instagram

To let your partners tag your business, you need to grant them some specific permissions. When your influencer tags your brand on Instagram, you can monitor all your paid content much easier and expose it to a wider network of users – additionally creating transparency between the company and users, which often converts to trust that is one of the most valuable elements if you wish to acquaint a lot of long-term clients. So how to do that?

Step 1) Open the Instagram app and go to Settings > Business.

Instagram Settings Business

Step 2) Select Branded Content.

Facebook Ads Manager Button Select Branded Content

Step 3) Choosing Require Approvals will allow you to approve all influencers who tag your brand. 

Authorize Influencers to Tag Your Brand on Facebook Ads Manager

Step 4) Approved Accounts is a place allowing you to manually approve the influencers who tagged your business.

Facebook Ads Manager Approved Accounts Button

Step 5) Now you need to find your influencer's handle on Instagram.

influencer's handle on Instagram

Step 6) Last but not least, you choose the influencer you are in good relations with and let them tag your brand.

let influencer tag your brand

You're an Influencer? You Need to Authorize Brands to Use Your Post as Ads, Too!

With all that FTC compliance dramas happening lately, you need to be extremely cautious when posting new, paid content – meaning that you have to, among other rules, remember about tagging your content as Business Partner with the brands you are working with (and which you are promoting for money). Although this is a rather easy process, and you do not have to worry – and by doing it, you will grant the brand permission to use your content as an add. How?

Step 1) Select Advanced Settings while uploading a photo to Instagram.

Facebook Ads Manager Advanced Settings

Step 2) Select Tag a Business Partner to add a content tag of the chosen brand to your post.

Tag a Business Partner Facebook Ads Manager

Step 3) Now you must find the chosen brand's business account. After doing that and selecting it, the tag will appear on your post as a Business Partnership.

Facebook Ads Manager tag post as a Business Partnership

Step 4) You will receive a pop-up informing them that your post can be turned into an ad.

pop-up informing that your post can be turned into an ad

Step 5) Now the brand needs to choose Allow Business Partner to Promote, which will grant it the access to promote the freshly uploaded tagged content.

Allow Business Partner to Promote Facebook Ads Manager

Step 6) And it is done! Now the post with the Business Partner tag can be published.

instagram post with the Business Partner tag

And How to Do That With Your Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories can be used in the very same way as we have just described the basic Instagram posts – and you do not have to worry, we did not forget about them! You can convert them into ads as well and tag the chosen brand as your Business Partner – you only have to…

Step 1) When uploading a story click the link icon.

click button the link icon Instagram

Step 2) Select Tag Business Partner.

Select Tag Business Partner Facebook Ads Manager

Step 3) Search for the correct company.

Search company Facebook Ads Manager

Step 4) Select Allow, so the influencer can promote the branded content.

Facebook Ads Manager Button promoting the branded content

Step 5) OPTIONAL: View Business Partners to see which influencers are authorized to promote the branded content.

View Business Partners Facebook Ads Manager

Step 6) Share the Story of your influencer with a Business Partnership tag.

Share the Story - Business Partnership tag

And Last but Not Least: How Can a Brand Promote the Influencer's Content Using Facebook Ads Manager

Did the influencer post his content? Great. Did the brand allow him to tag the company? Awesome. You are Business Partners now and everything seems to be set up? Amazing! But there is one last thing to be done: it is time to boost your branded content. 

Step 1) Create a new campaign.

Facebook Ads Manager Create a new campaign

Step 2) In the Placements section, select where you would like to promote the content as an ad (Instagram free, Stories, etc).

Facebook Ads Manager Placements section

Step 3) Under Ad Setup, select Use Existing Post.

Use Existing Post select at Facebook Ads Manager

Step 4) In the Creativity section, click Select Post.

Creativity Section Select Post Facebook Ads Manager

Step 5) Under the Branded Content Tab, selected the branded content which you want to be promoted.

Facebook Ads Manager - Select the branded content

Step 6) Review your Ad Preview, and then publish the campaign! And that is it!

Ad Preview Facebook Ads Manager

All images courtesy of