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Influencer Marketing For Black Friday And Cyber Monday: 6 Best Practices

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, so what are your business plans?

If you think you have the time to prepare a good strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you better think again. Marketing managers are already hyped up, writing emails to celebrities and calling phones to set up the deals, arranging meetings with influencers. Business owners have already made plans about product promotions, deals, etc. It’s been busy here at our Marketplace too, with more and more buyers creating profiles and searching for their ideal influencers. 

Last year, for example, consumers spent $9.0 billion during Black Friday, 21.6% higher than the other years, so you really can’t afford to miss these two big shopping days! 

That’s why we wanted to help you with our latest blog post. 

We’ll elaborate on how you can make influencer marketing campaigns that will bring you results this Black Friday and this Cyber Monday. 

Let’s start. 

1. Create A Small Pre-Campaign 

You can’t just wake up and decide to launch your campaign - you need to prepare your customers for your big sale on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 

If you want to increase the trust towards your brand, this is one effective way to do it. You can hire an influencer to announce your big sale or have a discount code for your products for one day only. It can be a one-day campaign, or two at the tops, but it will be enough to give your customers a heads-up on your planned campaign. They’ll appreciate this and it will allow them to plan their budget and see how much they can spend on your products. 

Always have the customers in mind and your brand’s position in their lives. 

2. Early-Access Discount 

You can combine this practice with the previous one and make the most of your pre-campaign. 

When you’re setting the details of the arrangement with your chosen influencer, you can create a special early-access discount code and have the influencer promote it. This way, you’ll motivate your customers to buy your products before they sell out. 

Another way you can use the early-access discount is two days before the actual sale. You can have your influencer promote the code on their social media profiles and encourage users to use it before the big sale. 

An early-access discount always gives the impression of exclusivity, and a lot of customers don’t want to miss such deals. 

3. Product Review

Do you know that 68% of customers value more brands that offer reviews? 

And more than 92% of consumers trust influencers more than celebrities or paid ads? 

Of course, influencers are paid for their job, but the difference is in the way they gain the trust of their followers - by providing trustworthy, honest product recommendations.

This is why a product review for your upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be an excellent strategy. You can ask the influencer to make an honest review of your product. 

If you’re selling make-up products, you can hire an influencer to do a make-up look and promote your products. If you’re selling clothes, an interesting reel of multiple combinations can be a great way to announce your sale. 

Product reviews are always an effective way to increase your brand’s credibility and authority among your customers, so you should utilize them the best way you can for your business. 

4. Discount Codes 

This is the most common way to attract new customers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Have your preferred influencer promote your products or services with a discount code, specially made for them. There are many benefits to this practice. 

First, everyone likes discount codes - they’re easy to apply, plus, they encourage users to make a buying decision faster than usual. 

More importantly, you’ll be able to track influencers’ progress and analytics through the code. If you use any tool for measuring the influencer’s success, you’ll find exactly where your users are coming from, which platforms bring the most users, and which influencer is the one who makes the most closed sales. 

5. Tutorials 

Similar to product reviews, tutorials are highly likable by social media users. They’re meant to connect the influencer with your targeted audience and show how exactly your product or service can help them improve their lives. 

You can send a package of free products to your influencers, have them record a video tutorial with your products, and post that video to their social media channels. 

Plus, to combine the tutorials with a Black Friday sale, you can provide a discount code for your influencer, to encourage your customers to make an order. 

6. Use The “Swipe-Up” Option On Instagram 

The Swipe-Up option on Instagram is one of the best features for business accounts. You can link any type of content to your story and your followers will immediately have access to it. 

You can use this option in many ways. For example, you can create a survey several weeks before the Balck Friday sale and ask your customers which products they would like to see with reduced prices. Surveys can be very productive when you want to find out more about your customers’ desires and needs. 

Or, you can link to your landing page where users can sign-up and get early deals one day before the actual sale. Or, you can link to the products you’re planning to put up for sale. 

Don’t let this feature go to waste! 

And that’s it! 

There’s really no wrong way to engage with your customers during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Just remember to give them a heads up, and offer them valuable deals for affordable prices.

We at are more than prepared for these two big shopping days, and our influencers too. If you haven’t found the ideal influencer, now is the right time to visit our Marketplace, and check out the talents we have here!