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10 Influencer Marketing Platforms & Marketplaces For 2022

Two years ago, we wrote a post about the 25 most popular influencer marketing platforms on the market

However, a lot has changed in the last two years. New marketplaces on the market; new businesses eager to become the mediator between the entrepreneurs and influencers. 

 According to a survey conducted by InfluencerMarketingHub, 68% of the respondents stated that they intend to increase their budget for influencer marketing. As we’re closing the first quarter of the year, these numbers seem more realistic each day.

This means only one thing – the number of influencer marketing platforms and marketplaces will only increase. So, how can you recognize the great ones from the average ones? 

Brybe’s team is here to help you with this dilemma. We’ve decided to review 10 leading influencer marketing platforms. We’re not featuring Brybe on the list, for obvious reasons, but we approve all the platforms on this list. 

Here’s our take on them.

1. Upfluence

We’ve talked about Upfluence in our last blog post about influencer marketing platforms, but this platform remains the most relevant industry leader two years later.

Upfluence is like four tools into one. As their home page mentions, business owners can use Upfluence to discover creators, build relationships with influencers, manage affiliate networks, and close more sales. Even beginners can use the tool; it’s that simple.

One of the most valuable features they offer is a rating system for engagement and recommended pricing, which marketers and business owners can use to make informed business decisions. Managing influencers’ payments is also available through the dashboard. Marketers love Upfluence because it’s easy to integrate with other marketing tools to get the necessary data for running influencer marketing campaigns.  

Amazon, ASUS, and Zappos are some of the 1600+ fans of Upfluence. The company offers three pricing plans - Growth, Scale, and Enterprise. 


IZEA’s ultimate branding revolves around the following value proposition - the ultimate influencer search experience. All points considered, they live up to their promise. 

IZEA has been present on the market since 2006, and that gave the company enormous leverage over its competitors. They’re pretty straightforward about their service - connecting brands with influencers. The main difference in their service is their SaaS software; business owners and marketers can use it to track and manage influencer campaigns. 

All you need is a keyword to track the ideal influencers, and as users say it - it’s a breeze. However, IZEA is not the most user-friendly tool for beginners. If you’re a beginner in the influencer marketing industry, choose a platform that’s easier to use. There’s quite the learning curve with IZEA; just watch a few videos to understand the software better. 

They offer five pricing plans suitable for every budget. 

3. Intellifluence

Intellifluence is a powerful influencer marketing platform. You can find tons of influencers of all kinds on their platform, from nano and micro-influencers to mega-popular celebrities and influencers. 

What makes Itellifluence different from the rest of the influencer marketing platforms on our list? Their approach to verifying the influencers on their platform. Each influencer needs to verify their profile, choose specific interests, and set the price. By doing this, Intellinfluence can offer a high response and engagement rate for their clients. 

Building campaigns, messaging influencers, and completing payments are quickly done through the dashboard. Also, their pricing plans are pretty affordable. 

4. Afluencer

Rated as one of the ideal influencer marketing platforms for beginners, Afluencer has its fair share of positive feedback. At first glance, the platform may seem confusing. However, its clean design and comprehensive FAQ page solve this problem for the users. 

In order to use Afluencer, you have to sign up. Once you create your account, you can post “Collab.” Here, you can choose the type of influencer you’re looking for; you can select the pricing and the number of followers. Then Afluencer’s team takes over, and they do all the recruitment. 

The tool is adored by creators, influencers, and brand owners. It’s simple to use, so you’ll have no problems adjusting yourself to it. 

5. Influencity

 Supported by companies like Samsung, WPP, and OMG, Influencity is on our list for a reason. 

Influencity is the home of more than 70 million influencers, making it one of the few tools on the market with the largest databases. Their clients’ base covers business owners from 35 countries so far. 

But their database is not their top strength. 

The platform provides detailed influencer analysis such as discovering influencers’ KPIs, interests, demographics, audience overlapping analysis, etc. With Influencity, you can find and analyze influencers, but most importantly, you can measure campaign performance and results. 

Try the platform for free, or choose one of their four pricing plans. 

6. Webfluential

Webfluential took a different market positioning compared to the other influencer marketing platforms on our list. Most of these platforms improve the overall experience of the business owners and marketers, as they’re the ones with the budget. 

But Webinfluential puts the influencers on a pedestal. They’re all about providing the best experience to enable influencers to create their brands with Webinfluential. For business owners, this means one thing - the pool to choose from is a lot smaller but filled with super talented influencers. 

The platform is pretty easy to use, but some users have trouble accessing the accurate data they may need to help them come up with a long-term business decision.  

7. Klear

Initially created as a social media marketing tool for Twitter, Klear’s founding team rebranded the business in 2015, making it more suitable for marketers passionate about influencer marketing. 

The founders are three brothers, and they spent three years perfecting their service. Klear currently has an astonishing 900 million influencers in its database. 

Klear is an excellent tool for finding influencers, analyzing the data, and managing each relationship and campaign through the platform.

8. Tapinfluence

Tapinfluence offers a unique user experience, from its unique and interactive website design to its promise of an 11x increase in ROI. They’ve existed since 2013, rebranding themselves from Blog Frog, a tool that connected bloggers with other bloggers. 

Tapinfluence offers four main features: discover influencers, set the workflow and collaborate with influencers, analyze their work and campaign results, and promote. The analytics and the distribution are everyone’s favorite features.

Their standard plan is $1999, and if you're an agency or an enterprise, you’ll get customized plans. 

9. was featured in our previous influencer marketing platforms blog post, but the marketers exceptionally praise the tool, so we decided to feature it again. 

Supported by giant brands like Coca-Cola, Nestle, Warner Music Group, even UNICEF, the list of brands that use goes up to more than 3000 companies. is home to more than 10K influencers, and if these industry leaders can find their ideal influencers there, so can you. 

Two important features distinguish - audience insight and personality trait analysis. Inzpire’s team leveraged the power of AI to offer a unique service, and business owners worldwide seem to enjoy it very much. 

10. HypeAuditor

Last, but not least. 

HypeAuditor is a solution developed to help businesses run better influencer marketing campaigns. HypeAuditor is famous for its free trial, which is not a common practice with most influencer platforms.  

The platform has more than 11 million influencers - wow! 

Other key features are advanced influencer search filters, competition analysis, influencer fraud detection, and more than 35 metrics to analyze performance. It’s primarily designed for large agencies, but small business owners can try it too. Dior and Ogilvy are some of the brands that have used HypeAudiotor.

As you can see, some platforms are constantly repeating themselves - that happens when you provide top-notch service. 

That’s the same service we provide with our influencer marketplace Brybe. 

For those of you who can’t find your target influencers on any of the named influencers marketing platforms on this list, check out our Brybe influencers.