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Influencer Marketing: When To Use It?

Influencer marketing can be an incredible way to increase sales, build community, and improve brand awareness among your target audience. However, knowing when to use influencer marketing is of utmost importance, as it is especially useful when it comes to specific targets. Here, we take a look at when influencer marketing will benefit your brand…

When your ads are not getting the results they deserve

You may have discovered that your organic content is not working well, so you decided to opt for paid ads. However, in doing so, you may have realized that you have been spending a lot of money and have not really seen results. The reason for this could be ad blockers – blockers that literally block the content of your ads so that they never reach your target audience. Secondly, some consumers are experiencing ad fatigue, getting tired of the ads because of the large amount being delivered to them, and when they see paid social ads on their, for example, food it can be a huge upset.

Influencer marketing avoids this problem by working with authentic creators to advertise products and services in a genuine way that is not so much like an advertisement. Since the people who see the ad usually have chosen to follow that creator, the ad is not being forced under their noses. The creators (or influencers) are able to attract an audience and avoid ad blockers, the result is that the creators are able to reach the right people with content that is authentic.

cubes with a schematic image of people

When you want to build a community

There is no better way to build a community for your brand than to work with the creators to reach your target audience. When you find the right influencers to connect with your audience, it can be a great way to reach people who are really interested in what you have to offer. These influencers already have a committed niche audience who are interested in your content and trust your recommendations. By having a creator present your brand to that community, the brand is able to leverage the influencer's success. The reason creators are so good at building communities is that they bring together groups of people who have a common interest. When these interests are aligned with what your brand does, it can be a great way to leverage an existing community and grow your own.

When you need creative direction

Working with a content creator is not always about getting them to publish what you ask for. Often, brands use creators throughout the process to generate ideas and figure out how best to engage their target audience. After all, these guys know exactly what their fans want and can help you create content that really speaks to them. Both the brand and the creator are interested in producing the best possible content, and often the creators are worth their weight in gold for the creative direction of the campaign and the input they can provide during the creative process.

But this does not only apply to the campaign process. Many brands are now introducing creators at even earlier stages of the process, such as working with them to design products. Involving creators in the product design process allows brands to benefit from the influencers' constant dialogue with their fans about current demands and trends, while they can also ask their fans for their input on the products. They also know their audience very well. For brands, bringing a creator whose fan demographics match their target audience into the design process allows them to produce products that are guaranteed to be favorites with their target audience.

the influencer at work

When you have a new product or service on offer

It can be very difficult to bring a product to market in a way that does not force the brand on the consumer. However, creators can make this easy for the brand that they work for. Their ability to bring a product to people's attention in a way that is truly useful to the consumer makes influencer marketing stand out. If you have a new product or service coming out, influencer marketing can offer the perfect opportunity to raise awareness and potentially boost sales. Using an influencer marketing platform that provides you with real-time information can also be incredibly useful when using influencer marketing for lead conversion. This way, you can see which creators are performing well, getting commitment, putting people in their shopping baskets, and adjusting your spending accordingly.