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Instagram Expands New Guides Feature to All Users

Instagram launched a new feature called “Guides,” which allows creators to share tips, resources, and other longer-form content in a dedicated tab on their profiles. 

Earlier this year, Instagram launched a new feature called “Guides,” which allowed creators to share tips, resources, and other longer-form content in a dedicated tab on their user profiles. Initially, Instagram Guides are limited to a select group of creators who were publishing content focused on mental health and well-being. The company says that it is making the format available to all users, and expanding Instagram Guides to include other types of content, as well, which includes products, places, and posts.

The “Guides” format was designed to give Instagram creators and marketers a way to share long-form content on social networks, allowing a whole lot of new possibilities for influencers.

Instagram Guide is more like a blog post, as it could include text accompanied by photos, galleries, and videos to illustrate the subject matter being discussed. The feature could help increase users’ time in the app since users would not have to click through to external websites and blogs to access these posts. For instance, through a link in the creator’s bio or through a link added to one of the influencer’s Stories.

With the expansion to products, places, and posts, Instagram’s Guides can now cover more areas, and what is more, Instagram says that this feature has now been made easier to use. Additionally, it may too feature Product Guides inside its new shopping destination on the platform, Instagram Shop, which is also something new. Visitors to Guides can share the Guides across their own Stories and in Direct Messages, expanding their reach even further.

Instagram Guides example
Image courtesy of

Moreover, Instagram has also just announced an update to its search functionality that will better direct users to their interests. Before, users could search for names, usernames, hashtags, and locations. With the changes rolling out today, users will also now be able to use keywords that will surface content relevant to their interests. Along with Instagram Guides, the larger goal is to help keep Instagram users from leaving the app – now when platforms like TikTok are becoming more and more popular.

Instagram says the search update is available in English to all users in Canada, the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland starting now. The expansion of Instagram Guides is rolling out now to all users. Hopefully, soon you will all be able to use it for your influencer marketing tasks while working with Instagram on the influencer marketing platform like