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Follow These 30 Instagram Fitness Influencers To Get Into Shape

There’s one aspect of influencer marketing that no one saw coming – educating social media users. The majority of business owners and Instagram influencers use the platform for promotional activities. But there are some groups of influencers who are more focused on educating their followers.

One such group is Instagram fitness influencers. These are the influencers who, yes, fill in all the criteria of great-looking fitness influencers, but with one alteration – they love to share their industry knowledge and help their users create better lives for themselves. So if your goal is to get in shape, following Instagram fitness influencers might be the key. 

But there’s another benefit when it comes to working with these influencers. 

Instagram fitness influencers are popular among business owners whose main goal is to build online communities, and not just promote products or services. These are the business owners who know that building community is easy when you’re sharing valuable, unique, and useful information with the audience. It increases the overall brand trust and it helps create a positive brand image around the business. 

If you’re one of these business owners, continue reading. 

Our list consists of the best Instagram fitness influencers at our Marketplace Brybe. You’ll have a chance to quickly scan some of the industry talents that are bringing more to the table than just promotional activities.

Here’s the list. 

1. Hannah Grace Colin

2. Mr. V.

3. Lexi Mendiola

4. Chris Ratto

5. Breanna LeBlanc

6. Aulona

7. Jayra Brooke

8. William Ricardo

9. Anna Kostenko

10. Arius George

11. Cee Carter

12. Isabella Kubera

13. Jon Marianek

14. Joseph Hamdan

15. Kristina Makushenko

16. Stevie Jordan

17. Cesar Joe

18. Oto Maciel

19. Sheelagh Liberboim

20. Trix and Flipz

21. Anna Orisik

22. Skyler Simpson

23. Mergim Shabani

24. Nae Watson

25. Patricia Caroline Sens

26. Rhyanna Watson

27. Pedro Soltz

28. Jessica Renee

29. Bobby Portis

30. Ana Snyder


If by any chance, you couldn’t find your ideal influencer on our list, we have plenty of other Instagram fitness influencers on our website.

For any issues that you may experience, feel free to contact us.