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Find Instagram Food Influencers On Brybe To Promote Your Business

Everyone has their favorite Instagram food influencers. In fact, that’s how we all end up scrolling Instagram reels for hours - watching food videos. 

The best part is the editing. Almost all food influencers have amazing video editing skills and that’s what makes their videos popular. Most of them are professional chefs, but even food lovers can become great food influencers. 

If you’re running a business in the food industry, you would want to collaborate with Instagram food influencers. They offer high ROI, unique relationships with followers, and above all, fun and interesting content - ideal to promote your business. 

We did the work for you. We’ve created a list of 20 Instagram food influencers for you to hire for your next campaign. These are some of the best food enthusiasts on our platform, so be sure to check their profiles. 

Here’s the list: 

1. Chef Meghna

2. Syed Abbas

3. Ella West

4. David Califa

5. Layla Nia

6. Jenn Hanft

7. Talicia Tempro

8. Dennis Littley

9. Ashley Solberg

10. Gillie Houston

11. Michelle

12. Gavriella Grossman

13. Amie M Balesky

14. Swayampurna Mishra

15. Natalia Maurer

16. Jackie Gebel

17. Bhumika Thakkar

18. Skyler Simpson

19. Hannah Dawson

20. Ron Lai

Remember, these are only the ones we have chosen for you. 
But there are plenty of other influencers in our category, you can find your ideal influencer there.