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Top 20 Industry Leading Food Influencers On Brybe Marketplace

If there is one type of influencer who never have boring social media content, those are the food influencers. Who doesn’t want to open the Instagram app after a long day and run into a video of a cheesecake being made? Yummy. 

Food influencers have an average of 7.38% engagement rate. Before you find this information shocking, allow us to remind you that food influencers have everything going on for the - the visual aspect of the target product or service, well-thought-out campaign, and above all, who doesn’t like food?!

Plus, being a food influencer gives them a choice on how to grow their audience. Publishing food posts seems outdated? Let’s try videos then! Videos take too long to edit? Reels then! The options are endless, and that’s how all food influencers leverage their social media popularity. 

We have plenty of top-rated food influencers on Brybe Marketplace as well. 

And in today’s blog post, you’ll have a chance to check them out. 

Here’s our choice of influencers from the food industry that you can find on Brybe. 

1. Amie M Balesky

2. Nadia Caterina Munno

3. Chef Meghna

4. Dennis Littley

5. Everyday Dishes

6. Emma Spencer

7. Gavriella Grossman

8. Heather LaCorte

9. David Califa

10. Anna Kostenko

11. Haley Fox

12. Jordan Bortnick

13. Madrid Diferente

14. Tiffany Ng

15. Adrian De Berardinis

16. Anthony

17. Michelle

18. Stacy Dempsey

19. Sam Pocker

20. Tara Kuczykowski

If you’re involved in the food industry and you haven’t considered the possibility of hiring food influencers, you should definitely reconsider your decision. With that engagement rate and the fans of cooking videos on social media, you can quickly scale your business - if you find the right influencer. 

Check all the other food influencers on Brybe Marketplace!