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Local Influencers Will Boost Your Sales During COVID-19

Over the past few months, COVID-19 has completely dominated all social media platforms and websites, which has not only been the reason for the marketing drops recorded by many influencers and brands but is also an opportunity that each of us can benefit from. Learn how to use local content creators to take advantage of the pandemic and, instead of losing money on it, use it to achieve success together with Brybe!

Localize Your Content to Get Through the Global Pandemic Noise

Due to the current quarantine, which undoubtedly limited our capabilities and forced us to take a completely new approach to some aspects of our lives, marketing content also had to adapt to the "new reality" – and thus also social media marketing. Since every country (or every state in the United States) has its own regulations and restrictions on the control of the spread of the virus, there is a great deal of disinformation and many people are looking for news on the subject – which in turn causes a huge influx of various kinds of news (real and fake) from this category and a "wall" through which you seemingly cannot break through in the normal way.

It turns out, however, that the solution to this problem is local content, which allows content creators from local communities to reach their fans and readers not only to provide them with important information about COVID-19 but also to continue their cooperation and contracts with brands, which were often signed long before the outbreak of the pandemic. Furthermore, influencers from local communities can now better than ever show their support for local social problems – thus gaining a positive public opinion, which in the future may build them a strong foundation for the advertising of content.

tasha instagram screen

Support Local Causes and Show People That They Can Count on You

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented governmental actions at a global, federal, state, and local levels. Due to such major changes, the role of the influencers also had to change – and go through some kind of "evolutions" to match the "reality of the new world".

Visiting trendy places, taking pictures with fans, doing shopping, taking part in mass events, traveling around the world, and other such activities are no longer possible – which in effect, at least seemingly, made it impossible for many influencers to create their normal content and thus promote the advertised products.

The truth is, however, that all these people were not so much prevented from continuing their activities as forced to adapt them to the new situation. Now, content creators could do things like showing support for struggling local businesses, promoting their local social distancing guidelines, keeping their communities informed, or sharing some support during these trying times instead of their old activities.

vacation with childrens

Example of the "back to school"
Examples of the "back to school" enjoyment in different locations.

Changing from Global to Local is Easier Than You May Think!

Influencer marketing is such an effective advertising tool because it is mainly about sharing the passion and working with people who have similar interests to yours and for whom the product promoted by the influencer may actually represent a purchase decision they would have to face. In the "reality of the new world" it is not enough, though – while a clear match in branding and messaging is as important as ever, location is especially important right now as places reopen at a different pace. This is when local influencers come in.

influencer child at 4th of July

Influencers celebrated the 4th of July
Influencers celebrated the 4th of July differently depending on the state they were in.

Why Going Global Might Boost Your Social Media Strategy

Local (micro- and nano-) influencers usually have a small but very trusted community of fans. They are a kind of leaders in their communities and create content that is useful to their members. They are perceived as local experts in the field, who use global trends to bring them to local communities and allow all their members to benefit from what is currently the most popular.

Brands have long trusted influencers with their messaging and tone, and now is the time to trust them with the type of content that is safe for their audience. As cities and countries carry on their re-opening plans, local influencers are your to-go partners when crafting content that weaves your product or brand into their audience's new normal.

influencers giving examples on how to adjust the ads

influencer promo
Two influencers from two different locations giving examples on how to adjust the ads to the re-opening regulations in their cities.

And What About Getting Back to Normal?

There are three main factors that you will have to take into account when returning to normal and continuing to use local content creators: identification, outreach, and content brief creation.

You have to identify the location of the chosen influencer, as he might be out of reach of anything that your marketing campaign would require. You have to remember that the outreach that you are using to contact the given influencer has to be all-natural and that he is a human being who will be more effective if treated in a loose and fair manner. And that the message that you will send to the chosen content creator has to be brief and matter-of-fact, as only this way you two will be able to find the same language and make this entire business work. Fortunately for you, you can now easily do all these three things via Brybe – and we encourage you a lot to use our influencer marketplace to do so! 

All pictures used in this article are the property of their respective owners and have been used for non-commercial, informative purposes only.