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Here Are Top 21 Makeup Influencers For Collaboration On Brybe

What’s the most effective way to grow your online presence as a brand involved in the makeup industry if it’s not by hiring makeup influencers? 

Seriously, is there a better way?

You will find the best makeup influencer for your brand, you’ll get in touch with them, they’ll create a video or images using your products, and voila - the campaign can be launched. 

Plus, anything related to the beauty industry it’s easy to promote because people are visual creatures - we all love to see beauty in many forms and ways. 

That’s why we decided to help you in your search for suitable influencers for your business. 

Our list of 21 top makeup influencers should help you choose the right ones. 

Have a look! 

1. Nena

2. Ginger King

3. Maitha Abduljalil

4. Candace Hampton

5. Jennifer Laurantius

6. Cassie

7. Nena F

8. Jennifer Blenk

9. Victoria Long

10. Juanita Londono

11. Jolene Goring

12. Victoria Jameson

13. Krystal Logan

14. Josephine Barr

15. Anna Lehman

16. Sydney Raynell

17. Caty

18. Destiny Austin

19. Japanese Jenn

20. Jessica Greene

21. Morgan Stewart

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