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15 Model Influencers To Hire For Your Next Campaign

In the last decade, Instagram has become the new fashion runway. A new wave of Instagram models has appeared and businesses took full advantage of it. 

Instagram model influencers have one goal in mind - to promote different fashion brands, preferably from exotic locations around the world. Whether you’re a small business owner who is just starting out with the business or you’re the CEO of a prominent fashion brand, hiring model influencers will always provide great ROI. 

To save you time and money looking for these talented and gorgeous models, we’ve come up with a list of our own. We have 15 model influencers from our Marketplace Brybe who are ready for collaboration. 

Here’s the list! 

1. Kalani Hilliker

2. Gianna Harner

3. Myley Johnson

4. Eden Levine

5. Marissa Rachel

6. Felicia Flaherty

7. Jeely

8. Heather Austrie

9. Agata Terras

10. Caleigh Hayes

11. Chani Natasha

12. Basma Ali Abood

13. Cayman Rhodes

14. Angelo Giuseppe Di Guardo

15. Annika Oviedo

Although there’s a debate in the model industry whether model influencers are real models, that’s not ours to decide. So, if you want to hire professional models, our list can help you. 
If you can’t find your model influencer on this list, check our category page - we have plenty of influencers there.