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Get These 25 Music Influencers To Promote Your Business

Launching a music online course? 

Opening a new e-commerce business for musical instruments? 

Running a school for musical talents? 

If you’re the owner of such a business, do you what’s the best way to acquire more customers? 

Work with music influencers! 

These are the industry professionals who know where your target audience hangs out, which are their preferred content forms, and how to get them to buy or support any product or service.

The majority of music influencers are professional musicians themselves who enjoy talking about anything music-related on their social media profiles. 

So, if you’re about to launch an influencer marketing campaign, here are the top 25 music influencer to hire from Brybe Marketplace. 

1. Elijah Nelson

2. Krissha Viaje

3. Sony Maan

4. Darrell Craig Harris

5. David Kushner

6. Alexi Blue

7. Jasmine Owens

8. Tiny Group

9. Annika Oviedo

10. Isa Nielsen

11. Dustin Bailey

12. Kristian

13. Branden McCullough

14. Danette Sheppard-Vaughn

15. Zoe Flores

16. Christian Akerele

17. Javier Gudiño

18. ThatBoi Z

19. Jazmine Robinson

20. Ka Martins

21. Solweig Lizlow

22. Anderson Bedasi


24. Matthew Deloch

25. Jay Warren


A lot of music influencers to choose from.

Of course, if you couldn’t find the ideal music influencer for you right here, check out our Category page

You’ll find plenty of influencers from the music industry right there