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Top 17 Instagram Influencers To Hire From Brybe [2022 Edition]

In our previous blog post, we shared 17 celebrity Instagram influencers you can hire for your next promotional campaign. 

But let's be realistic here - how many business owners actually have a million dollars to spend on one promotional post? 

Not that many. 

High costs are not the only reason business owners don't collaborate with celebrities. 

Engagement rates, authenticity, passion for the industry, marketing mindset, popularity, brand persona fit, relationships with users are just characteristics of a valuable and high-quality influencer. 

Many times, that's not a celebrity, but someone who manages to make a name for themselves by using social media the right way. And we have many of those influencers on our Marketplace Brybe. 

That's why we decided to make a list of the top 17 Instagram influencers on Brybe. 

Take your time to revise the list, and don't miss hiring those who seem fit for your business. 

Let’s begin. 

#1  Kalani Hilliker

Meet Kalani Brooke Hiliker. She's a famous American dancer, model, and actress. Her dancing career began when she was only two years old. Kalani became a part of the reality show Dance Moms, and she managed to stay part of the show until 2017. 

Since then, she made a TV debut, was nominated at the Teen Choice Awards, and took on multiple movie roles. Following her beginnings, Kalani decided to merge with multiple fashion brands and launch her dancewear. 

Creating her Instagram account only added to her current popularity. As of today, she has 6.6 million followers, and if you want her to be part of your next campaign, feel free to reach her out here at Brybe Marketplace! 

#2 Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham is a multi-talented American TV personality. She's also a famous singer and writer. As a teenager, Farrah first appeared on TV, part of the reality TV series 16 and Pregnant. Most of her TV career involves roles in TV shows and series. But in 2012, she released her debut album and first book, named My Teenage Dream Ended. The book was so successful it became a New York bestseller. 

Farrah is one of the most popular Instagram influencers here on Brybe. With her 3 million followers, you can easily tap into your targeted audience. She can do a great job promoting any beauty and makeup brands, entrepreneurship-related books, materials, or courses, and above all, parenting-related products. 

#3 Eden Levine

Eden Levine is a gorgeous Instagram influencer. She's primarily interested in promoting beauty, travel fashion, health, and wellness brands. Still, you can also hire her to do cosmetic reviews movie reviews, and promote self-development products or services. 

Eden is originally from Salvador, but she's recognized worldwide. You can easily reach out to her via our Marketplace Brybe. 

#4 Chris Han

Chris is a multi-talented Instagram influencer and content creator. Her preferred industry niches are fashion and beauty, and from the looks, she enjoys every aspect of it. 

Her Instagram account is filled with professionally made, well-thought-out images, where she unapologetically shows her sense of fashion. She has 2.2 million followers, and her engagement rate is around 2.5%. Chris runs her website when she's not busy promoting beauty products. Promoting Clarins, a makeup and skincare brand, advertising her Amazon store, and writing about the latest fashion trends are just some of the things Chris does with excellence. 

When she's not playing the role of top-rated Instagram influencer, Chris is a devoted mother to her daughter. The two of them are an ideal Instagram mother-daughter duo. 

Promoting beauty and fashion products is the #1 priority of Chris, but you can also hire her to promote jewelry, luxury products, self-development products, and many more. 

#5 Meghna Kamdar

Chef Meghna is the perfect example of the life changes that come with being a parent. Meghna was a banker for 12 years when she got married and had a baby. She values her transition so much it's even mentioned in her bio! 

As she says, being a mother has taught her everything, especially preparing a tasty meal. But it wasn't a smooth ride to get the trust and recognition from 1,1 million followers and become an Instagram influencer. She made a lot of mistakes, but it was only when she started to analyze her audience's wants and needs that she started to make real progress. 

For her exceptional dedication and one-of-a-kind content, chef Meghna even received an Instagrammer of Year award. She's an inspired TEDx speaker, sharing her story with millions of people worldwide.

#6 - Art of Poets

Art of Poets is a popular Instagram account created by a skillful but mysterious Instagram influencer. But don't let the mystery fool you - Art of Poets has more than 1 million Instagram followers! 

The people behind the account have completed more than 700 projects since 2018. Those projects include book promotion, product and service promotion, and brand mentions. 

#7 Tadaysha

Daysha Taylor is part of the American R&B musical trio, consisting of her sister Ti Taylor and a choreographer named Tiny. The group became famous in 2015 after launching their "Woozie" dance video. Over the years, Daysha and her sister and Tiny released multiple singles and collaborated with popular rap stars like Niki Minaj, Lil Yachty, Migos, and many others.

As a famous Instagram influencer, Daysha has over a million followers. Lately, all of her Instagram posts have been about her pregnancy, and it looks like she loves every bit of it! You can hire her to promote your makeup brands, face care products, body care products, or she can do a cosmetic review for you.

#8 Chris Valenzuela

Chris Venezuela is a rising star on Instagram. He's based in Austin, Texas. Chris is only 24, yet he has 907K followers on Instagram. His extreme motivation and dedication to build a life for himself in the influencer world paid off, as he's considered one of the best influencers at our Marketplace Brybe. 

His preferred niche is a lifestyle, but Chris loves skincare and cosmetic products! As his Instagram account shows, he enjoys high-quality skincare products. That makes him the perfect mega-influencer for skincare or cosmetic industry brands. 

#9 Andrew Moc

Andrew is a charismatic, top-of-the-line food blogger. He transformed his passion for food into a career as an Instagram influencer.

Coming from the city of angels, Andrew puts great effort into creating highly creative, original recipes that he likes to show to his 734K followers. His specialties are baked goods and pasta, but he loves preparing desserts.

If you're involved in the food industry and you need a passionate food influencer to promote your brand, Andrew is the right choice for you. 

#10 Katherine Salom

Katherine is one of those Influencers who are popular on all social media platforms. But, she has the largest audience on Instagram – 780K followers! 

As she likes to call herself, Captain Katherine Salom is a talented video creator and Instagram influencer dedicated to one specific niche – extreme sports. Hunting, fishing, skating, skiing, diving, skydiving – these are just some of her favorite sports activities. 

Aside from her unique passion for sports, Katherine is quite an animal lover.  She constantly posts images of her with different animals, so if you're on the lookout for an animal Influencer, she's your girl. 

#11 Larry Martinez

Moreno is the type of Instagram influencer who is popular outside of the platform. He's a renowned actor, comedian, dancer, musician, producer, and composer. Initially, he's from Caracas, Venezuela. Being present in the industry since 1989 gave Moreno a chance to become one of the best entertainers of today. 

Moreno is popular on multiple channels, including Instagram. He has more than 747K Instagram followers, proving that he's a multi-talented individual. 

There's nothing Moreno can't promote when it comes to promotional activities. He can advertise everything from beauty and fashion to music and entertainment-related products, so don't hesitate to reach out to him. 

#12 Silvia Saige

Widely recognized in the adult film industry, Silvia Saige has also made a name for herself in the influencer world. She worked for seven years in the adult movies industry, but she decided to pursue her real passion – comedy. For the past nine years, she's been a professional stand-up comedian. 

Silvia runs her own comedic sex education show in Los Angeles, and it's pretty popular too.  She posts many videos from the show on her Instagram account for all of her 733K followers to enjoy her witty yet insightful jokes. 

With her gorgeous smile and attractive figure, Silvia can be your best Influencer choice. Business owners who work in the beauty industry, cosmetology, and face care can collaborate with her in no time. 

#13 Ameyaw Debrah

Ameyaw is the type of Instagram influencer you would want on your team. Based in Accra, Ghana, Ameyaw quickly became the face of African pop culture on Instagram. He's the brain behind creating a web TV channel that represents Ghana's pop culture. 

His preferred niches are entertainment and lifestyle, but he can be an excellent travel Influencer too. Ameyaw has visited more than 50 cities and 30 countries, and judging by his Instagram; he enjoyed each of his travels. 

Some of the brands that have collaborated with him are Samsung, Huawei, Canon, Visa, so if you decide to hire him for your campaign, you'll be in good hands.  

#14 Hannah Grace Colin

Many of Hannah's followers think she has it all, and they are not wrong! This gorgeous Instagram influencer is a talented dancer, singer, model, and actress.

Hannah is based in Manhattan, New York, and most of her Instagram pictures are taken there. With her contagious smile, breathtaking figure, and original dance moves, Hannah captioned the hearts of many followers – 608K to be exact. 

Hannah is always cheerful in all of her pictures, so there's no doubt that any brand she represents will get the appropriate amount of followers' attention. But, if you're involved in the beauty industry, hairstyle, face care, music or sports, or even entertainment, you might get extra attention; these are Hannah's favorite niches. 

#15 Krissha Viaje

Krissha is one adorable Instagram influencer who loves singing and dancing. She's from the Philippines, and as we can see from her Instagram account, she loves spending time on the beach and with her loved ones. 

Aside from singing and dancing, Krisha loves taking photos and playing video games. She's open to all sorts of collaboration, but preferably with makeup brands, brands in the entertainment industry, and fashion brands. 

Among her 481K followers, there's definitely some of your target audience, so feel free to reach her out.  

#16 Lexi Mendiola

If you're running a fitness or beauty business and you want a top-rated Instagram influencer to promote your products, Lexi is one of the best. Lexi Mendiola is well known among the fitness and beauty industry on Instagram. 

She's quite open as a person; she even calls herself "sometimes model, sometimes meme" just to remind herself that she's only a human, after all. 

Lexi is a passionate traveler, cat lover, and she just loves to take pictures by the beach. Collaborating with Lexi means getting in front of her 384K followers, and that's not a bad deal at all.  

#17 Dr. Dana Brems

Dana Brems, a doctor among Instagram influencers. Dr. Dana is a pediatric physician currently based in Los Angeles. In 2019, she decided to become a content creator, and with her knowledge and medical expertise, she quickly became everyone's favorite doctor. 

Currently, her followers base counts for 273K fans, and all of them seem to enjoy her content. Dr. Dana shares general health-related advice, but she doesn't miss a chance to share any medical-themed humor, to brighten the day for everyone.  

If you need a licensed medical professional to promote your medical or educational products or services, dr. Dana Brems is the ideal influencer for you. 

To sum things up

These are just a few of the many talented Instagram influencers that we have on our Marketplace. Don't hesitate to visit us and reach out if you have any questions - our support team is always here to help!