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Top 20 Micro-Influencers To Collaborate With On Brybe

Less is more is the perfect rule for influencer marketing.

Fewer influencers mean higher engagement rates; higher engagement rates equals higher conversion rates and more leads, which your business essentially needs.

Micro-influencers have become relevant in the last couple of years, but their importance can’t go unnoticed. There are many benefits to hiring micro-influencers and one, in particular, is affordable prices. Micro-influencers are more approachable and affordable than macro-influencers.

That’s why we decided to give you a list of some of the 20 best micro-influencers at our Marketplace Brybe.

You can reach out to all of them directly through our platform.

1.       Taylor

Taylor is the first micro-influencer on our list- she’s a food blogger. She comes from Spokane, Washington, United States. Taylor has active social media accounts on multiple platforms, but she mainly uses Instagram.

Taylor took her passion for food and made a career out of it. She’s a bachelor's in nutrition and food sciences. Her knowledge combined with her love for food resulted in one creative and unique Instagram profile. She constantly posts pictures of her favorite food and the audience seems to like it.

At the moment, she has more than 7000 followers, but that number keeps on growing.

2.       Jason Wilkes

Jason Wilkes is from Waleska, Georgia, United States. He’s among the most promising micro-influencers on our website.

Jason is a singer and a songwriter. For the past 20 years, he’s been producing and creating music for singers and bands in all genres. Ideally, his preferred niche is music; he can promote anything from musicians, covers, songs, etc.

He’s also cost-effective and fast on the delivery, three days at the maximum.

3.       Gail Perry-Mason

If you’re involved in the financial industry and need a micro-influencer to promote your product or services, Gail is your #1 choice.

Gail is a micro-influencer from Detroit who’s all about offering high-value financial advice. She’s also the founder of a group called 4EVER39, a group where Gail educates middle-aged women on how to handle their own finances.

Also, Gail is the co-author of "Girl, Make Your Money Grow", a guide that can help women learn more about the complexity of the financial world and how they can learn to adapt themselves to it.

4.     Cheyenne Hasty 

Chayenne is a lovely girl from Nashville, Tennessee, an inspiring home and garden blogger.

She uses her Instagram account to teach her followers everything related to organic food, garden, farmhouse décor, and all the other aspects of country life.

Chayenne shares images and videos related to animal care, garden, farmhouse, food, and other relevant content. She has more than 6k followers on her Instagram account, and if you need someone to deliver original content in two days, Chayenne is your girl.

5.       Amanda Carpede 

Amanda is the digital creator that will bring joy to your influencer campaign!

She’s a micro-influencer who comes from South Africa. She’s present on all popular social media networks, but her most significant number of followers is on Instagram – over 8K followers.

Amanda’s favorite topic is hairstyle. Her gorgeous, big Afro hair is the reason for it, and she constantly shares high-value tips and tricks on maintaining a big afro hairstyle.

Additionally, she runs a lifestyle blog covering topics like beauty, wellness, managing life between being a mom and a career-driven woman, and many other relevant topics.

6.    Sarah J. Parke 

Sarah is a digital creator and a micro-influencer. She constantly posts images of her allergy-friendly recipes and from her travels, lifestyle, DIY tips, tricks, etc.

Sara is a mother, so making nutritious and allergy-free food is one of her top priorities. She’s also good at taking pictures – her Instagram account is filled with perfectly made images.

You can easily reach out to Sarah based in Wyoming via our Marketplace Brybe.

7.       Erin Kirkwood  

Coming from the United Kingdom, Erin is one of our top micro-influencers in the makeup and cosplay industry.

She’s known among her followers as the one who can easily transform from one character into another. Erin is a skilled tailor; she makes most of the costumes from scratch, but she also buys some.

Erin is your #1 micro-influencer if you need promotion of your makeup, or beauty products. With her over 7K followers, she can easily reach 10% of them, making her an influencer with a high ROI.

8.       Charles Gageby 

Charles is a multi-talented micro-influencer. Coming from Los Angeles, Charles is a true star in every sense of the word.

He’s an actor, dancer, model, and TV personality. You can check out his Instagram account and see all the breathtaking dance moves Charles knows.

Also, he’s quite fashionable, so if you need any of your fashion brands promoted, you can hire him. With nearly 10K followers, Charles is the ideal micro-influencers for different businesses.

9.        Jennifer Martinez  

Jennifer is not your typical micro-influencer.

She’s a dedicated mother but also dedicated to living an eco-friendly life. Most of her Instagram posts are related to sharing valuable tips for living a more eco-friendly and sustainable life.

Jennifer chooses to collaborate with only eco-friendly brands. If you’re looking for a micro-influencer who has nearly 10K followers and can promote your parenting-related products or services, or meditation products, Jennifer is the right influencer for you.

10.   Ania Gabb 

Ania is a highly professional, productive, and effective micro-influencer.

She can deliver well-thought-out content for your campaign in only a day.

Ania’s preferred niche is sports. She’s a professional runner, and all of the content on her Instagram is related to running. Most of her promotional posts are reviews on sports-related products, so if you’re running a business in the sports industry, Ania can help you with the promotional part.

She’s active on all social media networks, but Instagram is the most useful; she has 11.6K followers.

11.   Francesco Schettino  

We have an IT micro-influencer for the first time on our list. Francesco is an Italian micro-influencer with nearly 10K followers on Instagram.

He’s a professional developer, and everything related to IT is his preferred cup of tea.

Francesco can promote any IT products, gadgets, games, educational materials, anything you need, and he can deliver all this in two days only.

12.   Mahlaku Seopa   

Mahlaku is a micro-influencer and a content creator from South Africa.

She has more than 9K followers on her Instagram account. Gorgeous, with a high sense of fashion and charisma, Mahlaku can be the perfect choice for many brands.

Business founders and marketers involved in the healthy food industry, makeup, skincare, or travel industry can hire Mahluku for their next campaign. She’s so affordable, and you’ll receive the promotional content in only a day.

13.   Kimberley Mac Laughlin  

Kimberly is a micro-influencer with diverse, eccentric, and multidimensional. She can promote anything from body care and body treatment products to jewelry, supplements, and cars.

Kimberly is an active influencer on both Twitter and Instagram, but like most influencers, she likes to promote products on Instagram only. There, she has 6.3K followers.

14.   Shelby Nicole  

Looking for an influencer passionate about cars? We present to you, Shelby Nicole!

Shelby is a LA girl, and she built her influencer career by promoting automotive brands and sports cars. She has more than 12K Instagram followers, and judging by her pictures; it’s obvious why her fans adore her.

Shelby is one of the best micro-influencers to promote test drives, races, cars, motorcycles, even drivers. She can deliver your promotional content in two days, for $5 only.

15.   Nathan Watson 

Nathan is another micro-influencer on our list with a particular mission – he wants to promote and educate all of his followers on the topic of fatherhood, marriage, and parenting.

Nathan has nearly 10K Instagram followers, and he wants to use all his knowledge and influence to talk about the essential aspects of being a parent. However, you can also hire him to promote fashion, business, food, or beauty-related products or services.

16.   Sunnie Graves  

Sunnie is a lovely girl from Leadville, Colorado. With more than 10K Instagram followers, Sunnie is on a mission to become one of the best extreme sports micro-influencers.

As she’s mentioning on her profile, she enjoys snowboarding and skateboarding, so if you’re looking for a suitable influencer, she’s your girl.  Skating and skiing are also two sports activities she enjoys a lot.

On top of that, Sunnie is an excellent photographer. Her Instagram photos are almost perfect, just like any aspiring micro-influencer should have on their profile.

17.   Melissa Rosario  

Mellisa doesn’t like to be called an influencer, but with her voice, she indeed influences a lot of people.

As a digital creator, Mellisa prefers the term Impactful, to describe her work and herself.

And that’s exactly what she does with her podcast. Her podcast discusses healing, unlearning, and breaking cycles topics.

When she’s not busy with her podcast guests, you can hire her to promote self-development and relationships products or services, but also comedy-related content.

18.   Christina Eleni  

Christina may be the only micro-influencer on our list from New Zealand, but she’s not the only one passionate about sports.

Christina is a professional athlete, and most of her Instagram content is related to promoting fitness products and services. She loves to inspire and motivate others to become the best version of themselves in a physical form.

Consider working with Christina if you need promotion of your gym, bodybuilding business, or gym.

19.   Abigail Oliver  

Abigail is a talented choreographer and dancer. As a dance micro-influencer, you can find her videos on YouTube And TikTok, and Instagram.

Originally, she’s from England, but she lives now in Los Angeles, California. Aside from dancing videos, Abigail can promote products or services related to pets, self-development, or health.

20.   Sholen De Jesus Capellan  

The last micro-influencer on our list is Sholen. Sholen is widespread on all social media platforms, but Instagram is her favorite one.

She holds a bachelor's degree in Social Communication, and she’s a proud owner of a digital marketing agency. Sholen inspires to become a micro-influencer who talks only about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re offering such products or services, don’t be afraid to reach out to Sholen.

This is where we draw our line, but we have plenty of other micro-influencers at our Marketplace Brybe.

Take a look, select the most suitable ones for your business, and launch your campaign!