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20 Travel Influencers On Our Marketplace Brybe

Ah, to be a travel influencer – everyone’s dream job.

You’ll get paid to travel from one place to another, explore the culture, taste their delicious food, and take pictures – what more can anyone ask for? 

However, the influx of travel influencers is not a result only of these perks that come with the job. Historically speaking, traveling was only for the rich people. Most Boomers couldn’t afford to travel as much as they wanted to, with their mortgages on houses and apartments. 

But young generations are nothing like them. Millennials and Gen Z are all about experiences rather than possessions. They all agree that traveling has changed their life in some way – either by meeting new people, being able to manage money better, learning everything about new countries, all that. 

Travel agencies noticed this trend and with it, the inevitable increase of travel influencers happened. Now, every time any travel agency owner wants to promote the latest campaign, all they have to do is hire a creative travel influencer. 

Pro tip: always look for the ones with exceptional photo and video editing skills. They know that an image is worth a thousand words. 

Our team, being the exceptionally prepared team that we are, decided to create a list of the best travel influencers on our platform. 

Scroll down and check the talents that we have! 

1. Arianne Angeli Bautista

2. Charishma

3. Maayan Gordon

4. Nadia Caterina Munno

5. Colin Browen

6. Sharon Vivian Ruiz Valdez

7. Peyton Sama

8. Franciele

9. Christina Tessman

10. Jeely

11. Darrell Craig Harris

12. Felicia Flaherty

13. Karisma Collins

14. Sebastian Arguello

15. Diego Talberg

16. Maria Ponomaryova

17. Dr Karan

18. Mackenzie Turner

19. Myley Johnson

20. Ruby Red

In case you couldn’t find the ideal travel influencer for your business from our list, visit the Travel Category on Brybe Marketplace, and check the rest of the influencers on Brybe.