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Types of Influencers

In another article we have posted at, we listed all different kinds of influencers and their roles – yet again we are writing a blog with a similar name, and you might be wondering how come is that. Well, even though in our Who Are Influencers? article we have listed all different kinds of such, we created it from the brands’ point of view to make all these companies understand a little bit better what options they have – and show them the differences between micro- and macro-influencers, celebrities and every-day people working in social media channels, and so on.

Today in this blog post we want to show you a slightly different palette of influencers – splitting them between their specializations and trying to show you that they can do all different kinds of things that could boost your company. This article is not only to “inspire” the companies on new ways of promoting their content but also could be an eye-opening experience for every influencer who is already working in the industry – showing him/her some new ways of expanding his/her influencer marketing reach and promoting new ways of creating content.

To better understand social media influencers

Simply put, social media influencers are people who have garnered a massive and devoted following on social media. They have a strong online presence on one or more social media platforms, and they are often perceived as role models or industry experts by their fans. Unlike traditional celebrities, influencers often give their followers access to intimate details of their daily lives. Consequently, their followers put them on a higher pedestal and "worship" them – and influencers often share an amicable bond with their fan communities. This empowers them to win the trust of their target audience.

Digital marketers, brands, and business owners can use this to their advantage in a number of ways. Firstly, it is a great way to widen your audience and build brand awareness – which could be a key in your marketing strategy and could open brand new ways for it to grow. Additionally, thanks to influencers you do not have to worry about targeting the right social media users. You just have to select an influencer who is relevant and popular in your niche – and he (or she) will do everything else for you.

Types of social media influencers

There are a lot of things you can do on the Internet and we will probably not surprise you when saying that you can really make tons of money on a lot of them. Most of the professionals in their fields know this and that's one of the reasons why they've decided to monetize their business at all – and now you can use tools like Brybe to promote your brand with their help. Just… which one to choose? Well, that indeed is a good question. Let's take a look at some of the most popular types of social media influencers and you should know which one fits your needs best.

social media influencer

Bloggers and vloggers

Bloggers are people who use a dedicated blog to publish content on a regular basis and who are usually active on various social media platforms where they promote their content. Popular bloggers often have a highly engaged and loyal audience that looks forward to their next posts, and they are usually perceived as industry experts and trusted sources of information. Similar to bloggers, vloggers share content in the form of videos – with the use of platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo to publish their content (which can be anything from snippets of their daily lives to extreme travel videos).

Collaborating with bloggers and vloggers is usually a highly effective way of renewing your content strategy. It is also an effective way to boost brand awareness and generate leads for your business. You can find popular bloggers across various domains including travel, marketing, fashion, lifestyle, etc. – it all depends on the scope of your own activity and the needs of your brand/company.

Actors and actresses

Everybody knows them, they are usually celebrities and they have a lot of trust amongst their fans. And even if you are not one of their followers, you still know them, so they can easily get a lot of your attention and possibly make the use of it on the product they want to promote. They are not cheap, though, and influencer marketing campaigns with huge actors and actresses are usually reserved for only the biggest players (meaning brands/companies) – although, they are extremely successful and can easily bring your series of products worldwide in the matter of, literally, few hours.

Social media stars

Unlike bloggers, social media stars do not rely on blogs or video content to keep their audiences engaged. Instead, they share glimpses of their regular lives and forge a strong rapport with their followers. These are people who have garnered popularity solely on the basis of their social media profiles – and even though they are not necessarily considered to be niche experts, they possess the power to influence purchase decisions. This is because such influencers often have more personal connections with their followers, and they are perceived as real-life consumers instead of high-profile celebrities. Their followers are often highly engaged and have faith in their recommendations.

an influencer girl with a guitar


Becoming a musician in 2020 means something really different from being one even a few years ago. Production of music is really easy these days and you do not need much to create a successful radio hit that will be played all around the world. Additionally, music video clips on YouTube always have the biggest amount of views – sometimes hundreds or thousands of times bigger than even the most popular vlogs – and they are being watched and promoted in the entire world. These clips produce such huge numbers because they are usually being played in a loop – by someone who just liked the music – and even though it means that the person will not watch the music clip over and over again (the video that could have your product placed), he will still most likely watch it once or just a few times, and this is all your product needs from such an influencer.


Why would not you like to cooperate with another entrepreneur? How come? Well, that is simple. Not every businessman represents a company that owns a product – and not every entrepreneur has a product that he needs to promote. Sometimes you can meet a lot of people who, for example, run their own online shops and want to achieve profit in retail – and these guys can successfully boost your own thing a lot, by both boosting its placement on their website or inserting the product in a ranking of recommendations for their clients. When the money is on we are sure that you two will find a common language and make this cooperation fruitful for both sides.

Editors and authors

Although the written word is said to be dying these days, the very fact that you read this article denies it. Writers still have quite a lot to say, because their articles, publications or even rankings can tell a lot about your product, increase its awareness, and make their readers trust the services you offer. And do not forget that copywriters are also writers – and a lot can really depend on their work and contribution to your position in the search engine.

gymnastic rings

Sports stars and athletes

And these will work perfectly well for a lot of products – more than you could actually think of! And, they do not necessarily have to be professional athletes (meaning the sports celebrities), but also some local sportsmen who can give a really good impression on your new clothing line, boots, fit food, supplements or any kind of gym/sports equipment. Such a “next-door” athlete can show that your equipment is good for exercising people on all different kinds of expertise – thus making it more accessible to the entirely new group of clients that you definitely want to get to!


And this is another kind of influencer that only works if you have a certain kind of business – in this case, we obviously mean fashion. But if you never considered working with a model because you thought they were too expensive – nothing could be more wrong! Not every model goes only to shows in Milan and there are a lot of young, beautiful girls who for much less money will beautifully present your latest creation and open it to a new audience – because very often models who are for example micro-influencers have better contact with their followers and will better influence their fashion decisions.


Photographers are creators of high-quality visual content. Many of them regularly share their work on their social media profiles – thus, they can be an extremely useful resource for travel, fashion, and lifestyle brands. What is more, international camera brands such as Canon and Nikon often collaborate with famous photographers to promote their products. For instance, active Nikon users with a large social media following are designated as official ambassadors of the brand. These ambassadors just have to upload high-quality images captured using Nikon cameras with the hashtag #NikonAmbassador. Apart from boosting brand awareness, this also doubles as a genuine testimonial from a real-life user. It also gives the brand access to a pool of top-notch user-generated content.

Reality TV stars

The phrase “overnight sensation” is best personified by reality television stars. They can go from being home chefs or bathroom singers to becoming household names – thus, social media users often find it easier to relate to them. Consequently, they might share stronger connections with reality TV stars. Many contestants of The Bachelor, an American reality television series, have attracted millions of followers on social media platforms. They often collaborate with fashion and beauty brands.

Which of them should you care about the most?

Well, probably you did not want to hear that answer from us but… it depends. It depends on your business, it depends on the audience you want to reach, it depends on your funds and it depends on your goal. So, yes, in conclusion, the answer is: it depends. Nevertheless, after reading this article, we hope that it will be a little easier for you to choose the scope of activity of your target influencer and that thanks to us you will make a more optimal decision with choosing the right person for your brand. The success of your company may be in the hands of the influencer marketing, but it will only be so if you choose the right tools and use the right means (in this case, people) that suit your needs and possible goals of your business.

Also, do not forget that the internet is a "living organism" that changes from day to day and that your biggest mistake may be to stick to one strategy and/or plan. Choosing the right means never has to be a permanent decision, and even if you have a small business, dynamic changes in techniques and strategies can work for you. Of course, you should always follow the mission of your brand, but do not be afraid to move freely through the many tools offered by influencer marketing and platforms such as Brybe.

And as for you, the influencer who is reading this, we hope that today, thanks to us, you have taken a little more insight into your capabilities and that maybe you will consider changing the scope of your activity. Who knows, maybe you will find yourself in another field of influencer marketing and maybe after such a change (even by 180 degrees) you will only manage to reach your maximum potential and establish cooperation of your dreams? You will not find out if you do not try it!

And where to find the ones you need?

And here the answer will be even easier than the one we have answered above: obviously on! We have created this entire article from the very same reason that we have released our website – we wanted to make your business easier and allow you to join the influencer marketing to become even more successful than before and to promote your brand (or your entire company) to new regions of the market. Hopefully, after reading all this you will be able to seamlessly log in to Brybe, check the list of our influencers, and pick a guy (or a girl) that suits your needs – and that you two will bring your brand to another level!