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We Hosted The Regenics Event - Here’s How It Went!

What happens when you combine a health and wellness center, an open house, and an exclusive supercar show with popular influencers? 

A weekend to remember! 

Earlier this month, Brybe Marketplace hosted an event for our client, Regenics, a health and wellness center in Tarzana, CA, and it went better than planned to say the least! It was fun, dynamic, lively, and, most importantly, effective. Influencers who were contracted for the two phases of the event created enticing social media campaign posts thus facilitating a great turnout for the function and making it an all-around success. We would also like to extend the words of gratitude to the event sponsors, Ticket Dissmissers and Forgiato, whose generous contributions added to the charm of the event and the resulting social media campaigns.

Want to know how we made it all possible? 

Read on. 

Regenics & Brybe Marketplace Collaboration 

It all started with an email from Regenics representatives, saying they would need our help creating a social media influencer marketing campaign. Brybe Marketplace has already earned a reputation as the go-to place for influencers and brands to connect, so there were two possible strategies available to our new clients - either to use the self-service features of the platform and utilize the pre-set packages offered by the influencers on the platform, or let us dive into the effort with them and assist in creating a campaign unique to their brand.

Here is the 411 on the client: Regenics is a health and wellness center that offers special services to improve the overall health and wellbeing of its patients. The center provides the following services: 

  • Comprehensive Blood Panel, 
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy, 
  • IV Infusions, 
  • Cryotherapy, 
  • Botox, 
  • Microneedling, 
  • Medical Weight Loss, 
  • Vitamin & Lipotropic Injections, and 
  • Body Composition Analysis. 

Regenics has a team of medical professionals with impressive resumes and impeccable experience who can help each of their patients enhance their health. 

The main campaign goals were to raise brand awareness and attract new customers by providing a real-life experience with influencers who use their services. 

This is where Brybe Marketplace came in. 

Our team had a little over three weeks to put together an impactful campaign. This is where all the traditional ideas were thrown out of the window and some out-of-the-box approaches took charge.  As a supplement to the social network’s campaign, we brought to the table a live event at the actual location, motivated in part by the fact that a large segment of the target population does in fact reside in Los Angeles.

Another aspect of the target audience lies in the habits and hobbies,  hence hot buttons for the potential future clients of Regenics. And this is where it has occurred to our marketing team - this has to be an exclusive luxury sports car showcase. Being aware of one’s health and taking meticulous care of it is just like taking care of one’s amazing piece of engineering - a supercar.

We decided to schedule the event for the Independence Day weekend, when most young professionals comprising the target market had an extended weekend, full of festivities, and the dynamic duo of Regenics and Brybe giving them something they didn’t experience every day: a unique show, a unique offering, and a unique opportunity to socialize with like-minded individuals, especially with CA just opening up. We were able to give the guests of the event something they usually don’t have a chance at - they were made to feel extra special, out of the ordinary - just like the aftereffect of any Regenics service

bright automotive paint

You see the connection now, don’t you? 

But that was not all.

We wouldn’t be Brybe Marketplace if we didn’t invite popular influencers to help us promote the event, right? Yes, Lamborghini, Porsche - these cars speak for themselves, but we needed more. 

That’s why we invited four excellent influencers to promote the car show and the event on their social media profiles and create additional excitement around the event. Our influencers’ guests were the lovely @haileygrice, the sophisticated @drewsauvola, the passionate @emilyrexz, and the gorgeous @brunapmachado. They posted images, videos, Instagram stories to let all of their followers know of the event. All of them took pictures with the cars too, and honestly, all of them looked exceptionally good! 

Brybe merch

The main event happened at the Regenics health and wellness center. They open their doors to anyone interested to find out more about their services. The medical professionals offered IV infusions to a few visitors, and it went smoothly. Also, few visitors entered the cryotherapy chamber, and the results were more than positive - reduced body pain, reduced migraine symptoms, improved mood, etc. Regenics professionals also offered full-body scans and blood work to show the complete health image of the visitors. The main event went great - the Regenics medical staff was super kind and helpful and showed why they are the best at what they do. 

But this wasn’t the end of it. 

After such an extravagant car show and successful medical treatments for the visitors, an afterparty was a must! The organizer of the afterparty was Regenics, and they did an excellent job with it. 

The party had everything - supercars, fire dancers, a contortionist, an AMG that everyone was allowed to paint on, all of it! Everyone there met new faces, from the industry and outside of it, did a bit of networking, had quite the fun, and ultimately, had a great time!

car carbon fibers

Of course, none of this would have happened without our sponsors. Plus, we hired a video team to cover the event so that you can enjoy some of these images and the videos too. 

The conclusion? 

Our partnership with Regenics went much better than planned! 

We managed to increase brand awareness, provide social media coverage for the brand thanks to the influencers, and help everyone present at the event to build new connections. It’s our job to bring brands closer to accomplishing their goals, and with Regenics, we can say that we made that goal a reality. 
If you’re a Buyer who needs social media coverage don’t hesitate - sign up to our Marketplace and find the ideal Influencer for your business. Or, give us a call, and we can bring Influencers to you!