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Why Influencer Marketing Platforms Are Better Than Agencies

Everyone knows that influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing areas of the advertising market in the world. On Instagram alone, influencer marketing ads exceeded $2 billion in 2019 – which, combined with the dynamic growth of the entire industry, has led to many companies taking an interest in this area and wanting to use it to keep up with the current trends and adapt to an ever-evolving marketing space.

For many companies and advertisers, the valuation of influencer marketing services is very difficult and they are forced to establish cooperation. It is then up to them to decide whether they want to work with an influencer marketing agency and have them do everything or whether they prefer to use an influencer marketing platform such as Brybe to manage their own cooperation with influencers using software and/or a website.

In such a situation it is not easy to make this decision and there are a lot of myths in the industry about the abovementioned options. It is said that choosing an influencer marketing agency is risk-free and better – as long as the brand can afford to establish such cooperation – which is not always true. Every company can have a huge problem with the choice and it is no wonder that there are a lot of rumors that we are going to describe and deny today.

Below you will find the 10 greatest myths about the superiority of influencer marketing agencies over platforms – along with a brief explanation of why they are not true and why you should make this decision completely alone to see what really suits you best.

1. Access to influencers

It is being said that when planning to advertise, influencer marketing agencies can work with any influencer – regardless of size, reach, or affiliation – while when running campaigns through influencer marketing platforms, brands are limited to the influencers that have registered for that particular platform – which is not entirely true. Every marketing platform like Brybe is continuously growing when getting access to ever-new influencers – while influencer marketing agencies are usually stuck with the creators with whom they have signed the deal for many years to come, which is limiting their possibilities.

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2. Selection of influencers

Through executing thousands of campaigns, influencer marketing agencies potentially have extensive experience identifying, vetting, and selecting influencers that can meet a brand’s image and marketing goals – while platforms may offer some data about their registered users only. While this could be the truth, working with an influencer marketing platform like Brybe is risk-free anyway, as websites like ours work as a guarantee and provide a complete refund in the case of an unfinished deal. So why would you care?

3. Creative strategy

When using an influencer marketing platform, brands may desire to plan and coordinate their objectives similar to traditional pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns – an extremely effective and efficient method. Influencer marketing is being said to use more methods to evaluate their influencers – yet these are usually outdated and not as accurate as they were supposed to be.

4. Relationships and communication

Influencer marketing agencies handle all communications with influencers which is meant to ensure that campaigns move efficiently and seamlessly while delivering expected results. But when you can reach the influencer directly like on Brybe, you do not have to worry about any misunderstandings and can just enjoy your streamlined connection.

5. Best practices and compliance of FTC

When running a campaign through a platform, brands used to be responsible for ensuring that influencer content and posts comply with ever-changing FTC requirements – yet this has changed some time ago. Back in the day agencies were known for being supreme in supervising the regulations for sponsored content, although this is no longer the truth.

6. The reach and the execution of the campaign

Depending on the brand’s goals, influencer marketing platforms can be useful for coordinating one-off campaigns with limited posts and requirements. Influencer marketing agencies are being told to operate within more complex mechanisms to manage campaigns, but we believe that the key to the best possible campaign is to coordinate it with your own goals in mind – and using your methods, which is possible on Brybe.

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7. Reporting and results

Agencies work with influencers before, during, and after the campaign to ensure that best practices are observed and key performance indicators (KPI) are met – and this is meant to make them better than influencer marketing platforms. Although, as you have probably noticed, on platforms like Brybe you can view a detailed history of your chosen influencer and you have the access to all the data you could have asked for.

8. Value, costs, and price-to-value ratio

One of the easiest myths to invalidate is saying that working with influencer marketing is cheaper/has a better price-to-value ratio. Trust us, it is not. Who the hell even started that rumor?!

9. Resources, time, and expertise

The personal nature of influencer marketing means campaigns means that they don’t work like PPC or other digital advertising efforts. To execute a proper campaign, a brand must be willing to dedicate both time and resources. For businesses looking to minimize their time investment, as well as save money, both the qualified agency and influencer marketing like Brybe can provide a range of valuable influencer marketing services that simplify processes and offer a return on investment (ROI).

10. Fake influencers and engagement

Agencies don’t work with influencers who purchase fake followers or partake in inauthentic engagement – but validated influencer marketing platforms like Brybe do not either. It is not true to believe that you are any safer when using the influencer agency – more intact than using the influencer marketing platform – as in the end, it all depends on your own control and making correct decisions when planning your campaign.