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Top Yoga Influencers To Hire For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Yoga offers many benefits for the human mind and body. 

Yoga influencers know this and they give their best to educate social media users on the benefits of practicing yoga. Many of them are licensed yoga instructors who use their social media accounts to build a personal brand. Besides being the top promoters of the importance of yoga in our everyday lives, they also promote sports clothing lines, healthy food, fitness programs, etc. 

If your goal is to work with yoga influencers who can help you better understand your customers, you’re in the right place. Brybe Marketplace has many yoga influencers and instructors to choose from. 

For this list, we’ve chosen to present 20 of them to you. 

Check out our list! 

1. Rhyanna Watson

2. Skyler Simpson

3. Samer Delgado

4. Amy Harrington

5. Patricia Caroline Sens

6. Michelle Goldstein

7. Merveen Tan

8. Kristina Matskevich

9. Alexa March

10. Anastasiia Boivka

11. Indira Kosovic

12. Acacia Jade

13. Jennifer Clise

14. Nihal Caldag

15. Jessica Greene

16. Jennifer Non

17. Lisa Tonelli-Smith

18. Julia

19. Cecilia Eriksson Weber

20. Isabel Stal

For business founders involved in the yoga business, this is the ultimate list. 
But if you can't find your yoga influencer, check our category page - we have plenty of influencers to choose from.