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27 YouTube Beauty Influencers To Work On Your Next Campaign

YouTube and the beauty industry - a recipe for success that never fails. 

Since many beauty experts and makeup artists learned how to leverage the power of YouTube for their own purposes, there has been an exponential growth in YouTube beauty influencers on the platform. 

These are the influencers that find it easy to connect with their audience via videos. They create their tutorials, makeup videos, and reviews and share them on YouTube for their followers to see them. And, although we’re firm believers in the saying “beauty comes from the inside”, for these particular groups of influencers, visual is all that matters. 

Finding the right YouTube beauty influencer can be challenging, but not impossible. 

Luckily, you have Brybe’s team to help you with your choice. 

We’ve created a list of 27 YouTube beauty influencers who are available to be part of your campaign. Don’t prolong the growth of your business, hire them immediately.

Here’s the list:

1. Shelby Ellimac

2. Nena

3. Maitha Abduljalil

4. Marissa Rachel

5. Paris Chanel

6. Stuart Brazell

7. Asha Christina

8. Alison Henry

9. Gina

10. Josephine Barr

11. Kelisha Mundy

12. Camilla Santana Santos

13. Alex Dorame

14. Sebastian Arguello

15. Alexi Blue

16. Tasmin Dhaliwal

17. Leo Sandoval

18. Dominique Weems

19. Shaneisha Jenkins

20. Morgan Stewart

21. Vishal Agarwal

22. Bridgette Davidson

23. Alfred Lewis lll

24. Rhyanna Watson

25. L Mishkali

26. Taylor Jennings

27. Katia Zakarian

For those of you who couldn’t find the right influencers on this list, check our category page
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