Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Brybe work?

Brybe is the platform where brands and influencers reach each other. Influencers offer a promotion on their social media platforms that brands ready to pay for through creating brybes. There are two major types of Brybes: Packaged Brybe and Custom Brybe. Packaged Brybe is a preset list of services influencer provides that can be ordered right away. Custom Brybe is a special offer that is made according to the brand's preferences and is sent only by Custom Brybe request made by the brand.

How much does it cost to use Brybe?

Brybe doesn't charge any fee for registration and we don't ask for any membership payments. It is absolutely FREE to be a Bryber. However, we take 10% comission from every completed order.

What IOS/Android devices can I use Brybe on?

Brybe supports Apple iPhone, on IOS 11.0 or higher, as well as it can be used on Android, Windows and Mac OS. You may use the mobile version of the website as well as the Brybe App for mobile devices.

In what countries can I use Brybe?

Brybe can be used anywhere, however, it is very important to notice that for now the vast majority of participants are based in the USA, and mostly targeted on the domestic audiences.

How is Brybe different?

Brybe is a place where you can interact with others directly. And despite the intermediary functions we have we do not intervene until the moment it becomes necessary. This means that you get almost complete freedom in your actions on the platform if they meet our policies.

What type of promotion can I get on Brybe?

At the moment Brybe supports 5 the most popular social networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok, therefore any type of promotion that are allowed to make on these social networks can be offered and ordered on Brybe.

Where can I find more info about Brybe?

Go to the Help Center section to find out more about Brybe and its features, all general information that might be useful is there. You may also subscribe to our blog and newsletter by email if you want to keep up with trends and to get the latest news related to the world of Influencer Marketing and Social Media.

Is it necessary to verify my email and phone number?

Email verification is necessary to complete registration. Such measures are meant to protect your profile and as well as to notify you about any significant activity or changes on Brybe. Phone number verification is optional.

What currency do you use?

All transactions on are being made with US Dollars.

What payment methods are supported on Brybe?

On you can use Bank Cards, PayPal and Bank Account to run all financial operations.

What are the advantages of working through Brybe?

The main advantage you may find here is a way of being free and protected. You are able to run your deals the way that is the most convenient for you and not to be worried if anything could go wrong, cause we always cover your back.

How the deals on Brybe are regulated ?

No need to worry about agreements, contracts and other paperwork that usually takes place when it comes to making a deal. Once you've completed your registration on the platform and have accepted Brybe's terms and policies - you literally have all the necessary agreements to make deals with any Brybe member.

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