Frequently Asked Questions

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How to find influencers on Brybe?

The best way to find influencers is through the catalog. Customize the search according to your need and see the results. If you already know the influencer you'd like to find try to use search by name. Or simply post your request for a social network promotion and the influencers required will self reach you.

How do I choose the right influencer ?

You definitely should check out their profiles first. There you will find all the information about what type of content they produce, audience quantity and quality of posts, level of engagement. Look at the influencer's review score and the level, the higher the number - the more experienced the influencer is.

Can I text a message to influencers directly without making the order?

Yes, you can. You just need to click the button "Let's Chat" placed below Influencer's avatar on the profile. If the button is absent, perhaps this influencer doesn't want to receive messages and turned off this option. But please, remember, business-related messages only are can be sent. Irrelevant, inappropriate messages and spam may cause the banning of your profile.

If I order a Brybe when do I pay?

You pay when influencer accepts the order and we keep the money until the moment you have approved the order was delivered completely. Only after that, the money will be transferred to the influencer's account.

Can I return my money back if I'm unsatisfied with the results of the promotion?

You have to understand that influencers can not guarantee how successful the promotion of your brand will be. To estimate the effect of promotion is your responsibility. You should remember it when you make an order. However, if you believe that influencer violated the agreement you both have made you should appeal to our Resolution Center.

Can I cancel my order ?

You are able to cancel your order at any moment via Resolution Center until it has been delivered. After you've approved the order - cancelation is impossible.

What if I don't want to leave a review?

You have to leave your review as the deal or "brybe" cannot be completed without it. This information helps to improve the services influencers provide, along with the work of our platform itself.

What payment methods are available?

You are able to use debit or credit cards, paypal account, or bank account for your convenience.

Can I communicate with other Brands on the platform?

Brands are unable to communicate with other Brands on the platform since Brybe's main idea is to connect Brands with Influencers.

Can I cancel the order?

The order can be terminated via Resolution Center.

What if I go direct with Influencer?

Well, that risk is on you and only. In that case, we do not take any responsibility if anything goes wrong. But if you with Brybe you can be 100% that we're taking care of everything, and you will not lose anything.

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