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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can become a freelancer on Brybe?

Anyone who feels they have skills that allow them to provide quality professional services remotely is welcome to join us as a freelancer.

What services can I provide on Brybe?

It is totally up to you to decide. You can provide any services you like until it goes against the policies of the marketplace.

What does impact my profile ratings?

The only thing that may impact your profile is your Review score. The more deals you complete successfully - the higher your score gets.

How can I find deals?

First of all, we'd recommend you pay enough attention to your profile. Make sure that your portfolio is complete and is relevant to what you are going to sell on Brybe. This will help you attract more buyers and will increase your chances to get a deal. Another important thing is to create a Packaged Offer as it is one of the best ways to sell your services on Brybe. There are also lots of requests for services from buyers posted on the platform, don't forget to apply for them if you match their criteria.

How can I increase my chances to get a deal?

Be as active in spreading your offer as possible. Create packaged offers, find buyer requests that match you, and send your unique offer in response. Spread the information about you selling your offer on Brybe wherever you can: share it with friends, make a post on your social networks, put a link to your Brybe account, or a Packaged offer in your bio on there - make it your own tiny business.

How many Packaged Offers can I create?

The number of packaged offers is limited by 12.

How do I get my money?

Everything you earn on is being deposited into your Brybe balance. You are able to withdraw your funds to your Stripe or PayPal accounts.

What if I can't deliver the order on time?

You are able to manage your orders on your dashboard, including its delivery time extension. You may also reach out to Brybe Support and request the termination of the order if the delivery time extension is unable.

Can I collaborate with other professionals on the platform?

At the moment, sellers are unable to communicate with other sellers on the platform. But nothing lasts forever!

Can I make deals with other professionals?

Unfortunately, you can't. However, you may switch roles within your account and be able to perform as the buyer.

Can I cancel a placed order?

When the order is placed, you may accept it to start fulfilling it or you can decline it if you are not willing to fulfill it at the moment. If you have accepted the order and then decide to terminate it, please, reach out to Brybe Support for further assistance.

What should I do if a buyer offers to continue our communication outside the platform?

Please, remember, you may not offer or accept the offer to communicate and work outside the platform, share or exchange personal contact information, make or agree to accept payments on the side, as it is strictly prohibited by our policies. Violation of these rules will not be tolerated and may cause partial or complete restriction of your account.

What are the service fees applied for the freelancers?

Imagine a marketplace where you can take 100% of what you earn and don't pay any service fee at all. Well, Brybe is exactly that kind of place. As a freelancer, you are not charged any fee if special terms are met. Please, visit our Terms and Conditions page to learn more about the current rates for the sellers.

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