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How many followers I need to become a member of Brybe?

It doesn't matter how many followers you have on any social network, but you have to realize that brands here pay you for your followers. It is recommended to have at least 500 followers for any of the social networks to be interesting for the brands on Brybe.

What do I have to promote?

It is totally up to you to decide what kind of promotion on your social networks you gonna offer. You can promote any brands, products, and services if you believe that it matches with your personal requirements.

What does impact on my profile ratings?

There are two major ratings that highlight your experience on Brybe and the quality of services you provide - it's Review Score and Level. Review Score is based on the quantity and quality of the reviews you receive from brands. Level - shows your general experience on Brybe and is based on Review Score and the number of completed orders. To find out more about ratings Click here.

How many social networks accounts I can use?

Brybe supports 5 social networks: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. You may link by one account for each of these networks.

Where do estimated prices come from?

These prices go as a recommendation for you that is based on the latest market trends in relation to your social networks' data such as the number of followers and engagement. We believe this might help you to get as many orders as possible. However, you are able to set the prices you believe would be the best for your services.

What if I can't deliver the order ontime?

If you feel you need more time to deliver the order you should appeal to Resolution Center. There you can notify about the possible delay and ask for the delivery time extension. But remember that it is your responsibility to estimate the time in advance, cause any changes in the order after it has been approved may be a subject to break the deal.

How many Packaged Brybes I can create?

There are no limits, create as many Packaged Brybes as you want. And remember that quality is always better than quantity :)

How do I get money?

Everything you earn on is being deposited straight into your Brybe balance. By now, we offer Stripe as the main option to collect money from the Brybe balance and are working on adding such a popular system as Paypal, that will be available soon.

Can I communicate with other Influencers on the platform?

Influencers are unable to communicate with other Influencers on the platform since Brybe's main idea is to connect Influencers with Brands.

Can I make deals with other Influencers?

On Influencers can make deals with Brands only.

Can I cancel the order?

The order can be terminated via Resolution Center.

What if I go direct with Brand?

Well, that risk is on you and only. In that case, we do not take any responsibility if anything goes wrong. But if you with Brybe you can be 100% that we're taking care of everything, and you will not lose anything.

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