Frequently Asked Questions

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How many followers do I need to join Brybe?

It doesn't matter how many followers you have on any of your social networks, however, you have to realize that buyers on here are interested in people who are able to be influencers. It is recommended to have at least 500 followers on any of the social networks to get buyers' attention.

What kind of promotion can I offer?

It is totally up to you to decide. We'd suggest you offer a promotion that would be relevant to your social network and to your category. You may also check what other influencers offer to get inspired. The only limit is your imagination and creativity.

What does impact my profile ratings?

The only thing that may impact your profile is your Review score. The more successful deals you complete - the higher your score gets.

How many social networks accounts can I have?

Brybe supports the 5 world's most popular social networks: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. You may link by one account for each of these networks.

Where do estimated prices come from?

These prices go as a recommendation for you and are based on the latest market trends in relation to your social networks' data, such as the number of followers and engagement. We believe this may help you get more deals if you follow these recommendations. However, you are able to set the prices you believe would be the best for your offer.

What if I can't deliver the order on time?

If you feel you need more time to fulfill the order, you may send your buyer a request for a delivery time extension. If the buyer decides to decline this request, you should make a delivery on time, or you may reach out to Brybe Support and request the termination of the order.

How many Packaged Offers can I create?

There are no limits, create as many Packaged Offers as you want. And remember that quality is always better than quantity :)

How do I get my money?

Everything you earn on is being deposited within your Brybe balance. You are able to withdraw your money to via Stripe or PayPal.

Can I collaborate with other professionals on the platform?

At the moment, Influencers are unable to communicate with other professionals on the platform. But nothing lasts forever!

Can I make deals with other Influencers?

Unfortunately, you can't. However, you may switch your account to a buyer and make deals with any professional you like.

Can I cancel the order?

When an order is placed, you may decide to accept it to get started or to decline it if you are not willing to fulfill it at this moment. If you have accepted the order and decide to terminate it, please, reach out to Brybe Support for further assistance.

What should I do if a buyer offers to continue communication outside the platform.

Please remember, you may not offer or accept the offer to communicate and work outside the platform, share or exchange personal contact information, make or agree to accept payments on the side, as it is strictly prohibited by our policies. Violation of these rules will not be tolerated and may cause partial or complete restriction of your account.

What should I do if it doesn't connect my social network account?

First of all, please, make sure that the account you're trying to connect is publicly opened and is switched into business or creator mode. Also, you should be authorized in your social network account in the same browser that you use to visit If nothing of the above is applicable to you, please, contact Brybe Support for further assistance.

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