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Welcome to the Digital Creator Platform like no other!

Brybe, Inc. is the first Digital Marketplace company in the world to join the $200B decentralized finance space (commonly known as DeFi) by running a Continuous Securities Offering under Reg D506(c) and Reg S and utilizing the revolutionary concept of a Rolling SAFE, originally introduced by the Y Combinator’s Paul Graham in 2013.

Tim Draper (Draper and Associates), Diaspora Ventures, CygnLabs, CoLab, a_capital, Monday Capital, Fabric Ventures, ID4, and many other VCs and angel investors are already taking advantage of this vehicle with their investments. Brybe is happy to share this opportunity with you, our potential investors in a model that is driven by the business momentum, not a number drawn out of a hat for a pitch deck.

Here is the best part, you control the process by simply pressing Invest Now button on this page. But if you are interested in learning more about the concept and the vehicle behind it – feel free to fill out the contact form and we will be happy to offer you more information.

In the meantime, here are some facts about us:

Brybe established itself in 2020 as the first Influencer platform allowing the unprecedented to happen - giving small to medium size businesses direct access to the finest influencers from around the world to perform sponsored collaborations on the most popular social networks, within most budgets.

Due to the global pandemic, Millions of people took to the internet offering their services (57 million in the US alone according to Upwork), facilitating healthy competition, and giving businesses a chance to hire a much-needed wide variety of professionals. So in 2021 we teamed up with the institutional investor Luxiena and two private investors and transformed Brybe into a digital marketplace for freelancers and influencers where businesses and creators can get the best work done faster while maintaining independence, freedom, and earning at their own pace.

Today, Brybe Marketplace has 125 thousand self-registered users, is present in 138 countries, offers professional digital creator services in over 340 categories, is built on a highly sophisticated back-end, is incredibly user-friendly on the front end, won the 2021 Google GrowthLabs Accelerator, and is the first creator marketplace to offer crypto payouts to the users.

Cheers to Success!

Interested in investing in Brybe? Reach out to us.