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Freelance Service and Projects - FAQs

In the last two years, the rise of freelance workers has been incredible. We may say that it was all due to the pandemic, and although that’s true, there are other aspects of this truth as well. There are a lot of freelance professionals out there who consider themselves to be independent talent. That doesn’t mean that these top Freelancers want to work alone, but it does mean that they prefer to work remotely, and not to be attached to work from an office. Aside from independent talent, people from all over the world have decided to build a freelance career, as the number of perks freelance career gives is numerous.


Building a career in the freelance field is not easy. Especially if you’re not familiar with the freelance world, don’t have any relevant experience or skills that can be monetized in the freelance world. But not all is lost. Many people in the last two years had the same fears and doubts, but they pushed through – they’ve become top Freelancers. You can do the same. You can start small and explore your options before you begin to learn any relevant freelance skills to build a career as a top Freelancer.


However, there are multiple freelance platforms out there that complicate this process for top freelancers. The competition is fierce, there aren’t any good buyers to choose from, and above all, the freelance fees can be incredibly high. Many Freelancers pay a good chunk of their hard-earned money to the freelance platforms and end up making a lot less than they normally would.


The need for a Freelance Marketplace that treated top Freelancers better was inevitable. That’s how we ended up creating Brybe Freelance Marketplace. Brybe Freelance Marketplace is a Marketplace that connects Buyers with experienced freelance professionals and independent talent. But, unlike the rest of the freelance platforms out there, we strived to simplify the entire hiring process both for our top Freelancers as well as our buyers.


If you visit our Freelance Marketplace, you’ll notice that we have multiple filters. Those filters are used to help you as a Buyer choose the ideal freelancer for you. You can choose the Freelancer’s experience, niche, location, price, reviews, etc. But we didn’t create this Marketplace for our Buyers only. You can also select the specific Freelance Service Category. A Freelance Service Category is a collection of Freelancers who offer their services in a specific industry niches. You can click on the filters we have and choose a Freelance Service Category that suits your business needs.


Our Freelancers are able to create multiple Offers. Offers are packaged services, created for Buyers of all industries. They consist of different types of freelance services, suitable for most businesses. However, if the Buyer wants a custom-made package, the Freelancer is able to create a custom Offer too. Aside from Custom Offers, there are three types of Offers as well – Standard, Advanced, and Premium Offers.


Another thing that’s easily noticeable about our Freelance Marketplace is the number of freelance services categories we have at Brybe. We have top Freelancers for every niche possible – you name it, we got it. From top Freelancers at the most popular freelance niches like IT and digital marketing to the ones that are less popular, like lifestyle, gaming, photography, video and animation, and writing. The number of Freelancers we have is directly connected to the number of Buyers we have at our Marketplace. And the number of Buyers is constantly increasing. Our most successful, top Freelancers have collaborated with popular brand names like Adidas, Adobe, Pantene, Jeep, Neutrogena, TripAdvisor, and many more.


But, the one thing that differentiates us from our competitors is our main goal – to be able to connect small business owners with top Freelancers and create an equal opportunity for them to hire experienced Freelancers to work on their projects. During the pandemic, it was obvious that small business owners were the ones who got hit the most. And experienced independent talents don’t always want to work for “the little guy” – they want to work for prominent businesses. That’s why we wanted to create a platform where you can find top Freelancers, but also ones who are affordable. 


How do we do this? By offering our top Freelancers to keep 100% of what they make. They don’t pay us any fees and we intend to keep it that way. It’s the only way for us to make sure that our Freelancers are satisfied with our platform and that they’ll continue to use it. 


Buyers at our Freelance Marketplace can easily find top Freelancers from the freelance service categories at our Marketplace. If you’re a Buyer, you can visit our Freelance Marketplace and you’ll notice the numerous Freelancers Offers we have. You can use the filters on your left to simplify your search. And once you find the ideal Offer for you, you can contact the Freelancer directly through our marketplace. Also, don’t forget that you can use Freelance Service Category to find your Freelancers.


We’re pleased to inform you that we help all of our users to better present themselves. We create educational and informational content that we share in a form of blog posts. We offer useful tips and tricks to help all of our users to better connect with themselves. And, on top of that, we send weekly newsletters to guide our freelance professionals through the entire process.


With all this in mind, it’s inevitable to think that all of our users are treated with respect. It’s easy to become part of our community – all you have to do is create your profile and start searching for the top Freelancers.