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E-commerce Freelance Services

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E-commerce Freelance Services – FAQs

E-commerce Freelancers — Who Are They?


E-commerce Freelancers are those developers who can build an e-Commerce platform for your business. E-commerce has become quite popular over the last decade, and more and more businesses build online stores to meet the needs of their customers. Building an e-Commerce platform is not the same as building a regular website. Although the knowledge these developers have is the same as any other developers, building an e-Commerce website requires additional skills. Aside from knowing how to work with programming languages like HTML, CSS, XML, e-Commerce Freelancers and developers should know how to incorporate payments systems as well such as PayPal, Google Checkout, Google Analytics, etc. They also need to know how to work with Shopify and WooCommerce. If you’re looking to find skilled e-Commerce Freelancers, you can find them at Brybe Freelancer Marketplace.


What’s The Difference Between e-Commerce Developer And e-Commerce Web Designer?


There’s a lot of difference between an e-Commerce developer and an e-Commerce designer. The developer, whether that’s a front-end or a back-end developer, is in charge of creating the website, setting up its functionalities and features, and making sure everything works perfectly.  The designer is in charge of the visual elements on the site, such as colors, logo, images, effects, etc. Both of these experts need to work together in order to create a website that will address all user’s intents.


Why Do You Need To Hire an e-Commerce Developer Freelancer?


Building an online store is not something that’s done on a daily basis. It’s a project that’s done once and afterward, it needs to be maintained and secured. Unless you’re constantly redesigning it, you as a small business owner or an individual Buyer don’t need to hire a full-time e-Commerce developer. Hiring a Freelancer is always a better option because Freelancers are much more productive with their time, efficient, effective, persistent, responsible, and affordable. E-commerce Freelancers need to stay informed about the latest trends in the industry, and that benefits you as a Buyer, because you’ll get a product with the latest trends incorporated.


Can You Find Talented E-commerce Freelancers At Brybe Marketplace?


Yes, you can! Brybe Freelancer Marketplace is the home of many professional e-Commerce Freelancers who are ready to help you build your online store. Our Freelancers have multiple Offers for you — Standard, Advanced, and Premium, suitable for all businesses. You can also modify the filters on your left and choose only the Freelancers that are from a certain location or have a certain amount of experience.