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QA and Review Freelance Services

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QA and Review Freelance Services - FAQs

What’s The Responsibility Of Freelance QA?


A QA or quality assurance specialist is someone who ensures that the ending product or result meets the company’s quality standards. They’re also called testers, as they are the ones who need to test the product in multiple ways to make sure about its 100% quality. QA Freelancers are responsible for finding mistakes in the product, finding the source of the bug, and providing solutions. It’s very important to distinguish the terms quality assurance freelancers and quality control freelancers. Quality control is a process that takes place after the end product is launched or presented to the customers, while quality assurance happens while the product is still in the production stage so that when launched, customers can enjoy the product accordingly. QA Freelancers are individuals who offer their services for multiple Buyers at once, so if you’re looking for such professionals, you can find them at our Freelancer Marketplace.


How Can You Connect With QA & Review Freelancers?


You can try to find skilled QA and Review Freelancers through social media networks like LinkedIn, but that can take too much of your time. Instead, you can visit our Freelancer Marketplace and find talented QA and Review Freelancers right here. In order to connect with them, you can modify the filters we have at our Marketplace and work only with specific Freelancers. For example, you can choose Freelancers from a specific location, with specific experience who are within your budget. Once you do all this, you can directly message the ones who you think will be the best fit for your company.


How Can You Choose The Right QA Freelancer For Your Business?


As a Buyer, you need to take into account the previous experience of the QA Freelancer. You need to consider their educational background as well as their professional experience. Also, you should check out if they have any freelance experience at all. Not that it’s any kind of deal-breaker if the developer doesn’t have any freelance experience, but it might help. Additionally, aside from looking for proof of their technical skills, you also need to consider some of the soft skills QA Freelancers should have. For example, all talented QA should be critical thinkers. It’s very important for them to have a developed “What if” mindset because that’s the only way that they can explore all the bugs in a product. Also, a strong sense of empathy is advised, as they need to put themselves in the shoes of the customers and think from their perspective. Also, you need to consider Freelancer’s communication skills. Quality assurance is not something that’s done in isolation or away from other developers. So they need to know how to communicate with other developers in order to help them build a better product next time.


Can You Find Skilled Freelancers Who Give QA & Technical Review Services?


Sure you can — if you know where to look for them. We at our Freelancer Marketplace Brybe have them all, you just need to create your profile and begin with your search. The sign-up is free, and you can immediately begin searching for talented Freelancers who give QA and Technical Review Services.